Pro Wrestling Legend Ultimate Warrior Dead at 54

Former WWE Star Ultimate Warrior collapsed outside of Arizona hotel and was pronounced dead at an area hospital.
3:40 | 04/09/14

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Transcript for Pro Wrestling Legend Ultimate Warrior Dead at 54
Tied up the skinny -- a much anticipated movies now in the works three to tell you about this morning starting with our favorite funny women Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Sixty years after they co starred in the smash hit baby mama. Plans are unfolding for the dynamic duo to star in that -- The company focuses on two sisters who come home to find that their parents have put the family house up for sale as they spend the final wild weekend together. Should begin they're great together -- next up we get a call have a 1989. Out of the last time -- ghostbusters movie. We usually snow ghost busters three is in the works starring much of the original cast for this -- Bill Murray he's still up in the. Got so -- I'm not saying that running half. -- we loved it so much that we're doing it again -- by -- 802 but this time LA being scared. The shark get -- up and -- funnel cloud that invade. -- -- Manhattan this once that's released. On July 30 on them. The story about we get -- -- all right check this out next up Julie Louis-Dreyfus. Like we have never seen her before hitting the newsstands on Friday there she is bad start HBO political satire would be. On the cover of Rolling Stone magazine wearing nothing but the immortal words of the nation's founding father and not back forget this. They beat their three years all -- like John Hancock them -- -- what I can say but some. Revelations inside the covers include the fact that she doesn't really relish cursing as much as she does on the show and that she has good report with the real life keeps Al Gore and Joseph Biden. -- right to -- passing out now in the world of professional wrestler. Else that -- one of wrestling biggest superstars who've died he was just 54 years old and it comes just days after he was induced into the WWE. Hall of fame as real name is James Brian Hill where he began his career in 1987 defeated Paul Hogan and -- mania six. Didn't -- the WWE champion he survived by his wife Dana. And two daughters seen it conducted by the way -- -- -- -- and lighter note. To someone as really looking good for her age Roseanne Barr check this out 61 year old comedian. Appears lost even more weight as she attended the NBC summer press day in Pasadena California since her stomach stapling surgery that was back in 1988. She lost more than 200. Pounds. All my goodness she looks amazing she is certainly a far cry from where she was back in the late 1980s Ares V the left side of your screen when -- first start in her hit sitcom Roseanne. And she waved at one point a to 320. Pounds why does look -- good net. He looked amazing all right speaking of cover girls one magazine that sparked a firestorm of controversy is apparently paying off. April issue of -- featuring on it however you may remember Kanye West and -- -- asked him well. It's been -- not been his stance that it's now -- to sell 400000. Copies out. Selling even beyoncé and -- First Lady by comparison beyond this -- -- 355000. Michelle Obama's -- sold nearly 300000. -- the sales come despite complaints of thousands of people to cancel their subscriptions. And and and finally of course can't forget some very important celebrities who are celebrating their big day today -- -- -- based Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner turns. 88 years old. 88 -- got it. Actor Dennis Quaid turned fifty today actress Cynthia Nixon best known as more about sex in the city forty years old. Kristen Stewart turns 24 years young today happy birthday to.

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{"id":23251329,"title":"Pro Wrestling Legend Ultimate Warrior Dead at 54","duration":"3:40","description":"Former WWE Star Ultimate Warrior collapsed outside of Arizona hotel and was pronounced dead at an area hospital.","url":"/WNN/video/pro-wrestling-legend-ultimate-warrior-dead-54-23251329","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}