Proof of Bad Blood Between Minaj and Carey

There is footage of a fight between the two divas during auditions for "American Idol."
3:00 | 10/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Proof of Bad Blood Between Minaj and Carey
Welcome back everybody time for the skinny here we've been hearing all yelled at all the judges changes on American Idol and when he was at a few weeks of the repellent with some bad blood between the human knowledge and Mariah Carey now we get a little proof that maybe the rumors were true TMZ. Has this video here Kelly they're within doing these omissions in Charlotte, North Carolina -- some -- a disagreement according to TMZ. Cut about a contestants performance Casey Keith Urban and middle Randy Jackson -- right next to Mariah and -- -- don't want all. On Mariah Carey August kind of -- up -- engineer them sleeping and how -- things -- take a quick listen. -- said Mariah -- and not do well. She says several appellate court here she had here. I'm not one can put out of your wife get high just over there referring to summarize apparently things out over intense -- -- to -- -- for the data give everybody time to cool off. They say reportedly producers are worried that these two may not make it for the long haul as co judges on. The show who. Who actually what I heard there was an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner that's illiterates and I had ever happens is that -- -- attack happened today Ewing got did you cut up and gave him with the stars. In the bottom. Today where yesterday joy for town and -- racecar driver Helio Castro that 08 was booted to. Sadly he was very entertaining for the five minutes that I watched. He said what a great time people so that was fun that's all that mattered how Bristol Palin wasn't actually the low score but because of all. But the viewer votes that kept her out of the bottom tier so he has got next week. Maybe we'll have a creation control over their routines and it's good to get even more difficult and that's coming up next week every. Go miles to go on DW TS also case you're wondering -- -- you know not to get jealous -- Still the richest woman in Hollywood even more than a year now after -- show went off the air the water and only creative media Oprah Winfrey. Between may 12011 and -- 2012 she still -- in a cool hundred. -- Million dollars don't forget her -- over of course -- -- the network the magazine the radio station. On Sirius Satellite Radio are also rounding up a list Britney Spears part of fifty million dollars from -- gore and -- -- brought into. Million dollars as well but -- still. On top -- -- but also catch on like this particular photo of her she's haven and new movie -- -- -- he's getting out new side of overhear what Terrence Howard buzz about this out. Butler who worked in the White House off for a balanced under wonder the American presidency she's in this movie smoking a cigarette a couple of like a bad girl -- -- -- -- -- They embezzled sneak -- in the movies from the Butler both real quickly -- -- -- and that his movie taking -- comes out that -- -- announces -- -- -- Allen show. They raised 20000 dollars it was and I am now back. I -- survivor crown in. Yeah he has -- isn't yet the best but good currently -- and twenty million.

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{"id":17382292,"title":"Proof of Bad Blood Between Minaj and Carey","duration":"3:00","description":"There is footage of a fight between the two divas during auditions for \"American Idol.\"","url":"/WNN/video/proof-bad-blood-minaj-carey-17382292","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}