New questions raised over president's health

This comes as his physician gives him the green light to return to public engagements starting Saturday, only 10 days after being diagnosed with COVID-19. ABC's Kenneth Moton reports.
2:43 | 10/09/20

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Transcript for New questions raised over president's health
This morning president trump eager to get back on the campaign trail Harper's co bit nineteen diagnosis. Just another docking today they think I'm in great shape. On Fox News last night the president refused to say he's been tested again for the krona virus any hopes to hold a rally this weekend. I think I'm going to try doing a rally on Saturday night. If we generic we have enough time to put it together but we want to do a rally and so are probably in Florida on Saturday night might come back to do one of Pennsylvania. He didn't the following night to and it's the incredible what's going on I feel so good. Hours earlier the president's doctor declared trump has completed his course of therapy adding Saturday will be date ten since Thursday's diagnosis. I fully anticipate the president safer turned to public engagements at that time. But CDC guidelines recommend corn requires patients be isolated for at least fourteen days the doctor's statement included the president's blood pressure and heart rate but the White House is the refusing to give specific details about the president's prognosis including when he wants tested negative. I am I can't reveal that at this time the doctors would like to keep that private. And this morning the trump administration is responding to reports that staff members at Walt three medical center. Brass to sign a nondisclosure agreement while seeing the president during a visit last year saying any position caring for the president is bound by patient physician confidentiality. Guaranteed under Hepp. There's no word whether staff members were asked assigning NDA during Trump's recent hospital stay for krona virus. Meanwhile has cove at hospitals the issues rising 35 seats the fate of the next presidential debate remains unclear the debate commission announced it will be held virtually. But the president now wants an in person face off. I'm not gonna do a virtual debate sit behind the computer screens so that gives him the answers because. You'll be having of the edges. The trump team agreed to delay the next debate until October 22 but only through its face to face and if another debate is added October 29. The buying team rejected that idea saying the 29 is too late as for how the president got infected. He implied Thursday that he may have caught the virus during an event with families of fallen service members of the White House late last month. And I can't back up librarians say give me room my courtroom give me twelve seat state twelve feet away when he does. They come within an inch of my face sometimes they want to hug me and they wanna kiss me. Then they do it's obviously they. Here is no families from Betty van have tested positive or displays symptoms Biden last night in Arizona attacked from from making that suggest others are people. He lost child. About. (%expletive) because they like to get close to me I don't honest look. We paid to hire personal rating. Donald Trump's chaotic place finish.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"This comes as his physician gives him the green light to return to public engagements starting Saturday, only 10 days after being diagnosed with COVID-19. ABC's Kenneth Moton reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"73517459","title":"New questions raised over president's health","url":"/WNN/video/questions-raised-presidents-health-73517459"}