Raging Flood Waters in Colorado

Hundreds of residents are stranded by deadly floods that left 19,000 homes damaged or destroyed.
2:51 | 09/16/13

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Transcript for Raging Flood Waters in Colorado
Watching America this morning. Monday morning we begin with a devastating flooding in Colorado. The rain is still falling in the flood ravaged rocky mountain foothills and we are getting a unique perspective on the disaster rescuers are using a -- companies drones to survey the damage. The cameras capturing amazing video showing river so high they almost touch the bottom of bridges. Giving rescuers a sense of the destruction that they're dealing life. Here -- the latest numbers at least five people confirmed dead more than 12100 on accounted for nearly 121000. People have been evacuated. Some 191000 homes -- -- damaged or destroyed part. -- spreading across parts of fifteen counties stretching almost 200 miles from north to south. Some fifteen inches of rain over the course of -- week has saturated the ground so much. It forced a mud slide in boulder that's split this office building right in half. Leaving about ten feet of mud behind. I woke up this morning and that. That daughter backyard to make shared how it's raining and there was a guy kayaking. Right outside -- -- -- the roads are still technically passable the scramble for higher ground has been terrifying. The National Guard opened a road to evacuate a caravan a fifteen suvs buses and a service truck filled with 876. Graders I. FEMA is bringing in 280 person search and rescue teams but those rising floodwaters have become so dangerous even Colorado national Guardsmen and first responders are now evacuating. In one community and Weld County countless livestock were left stranded. But at least one -- this two year old quarter horse was rescued using in her -- Across the state 26 shelters -- taken in nearly 2000 people not knowing when they'll be able to return home. How can we ever recover from this and know exactly. Inch by inch. Mile -- mile community. By community. They're taken this stuff fact they're doing it people are getting those things done out. There. And this morning millions of people in that Colorado flood zone are still not out of the woods yet ABC meteorologist ginger -- is there and shows us what's in store. You know the pattern has been some -- they see all that moisture -- up less stuck front. They've been a lot of problems as we now but now things are going to improve the over all scale of this is going to come in with some drier air the pattern changing. Some good news by Tuesday in Jersey ABC news long month Colorado. And stay with ABC news for more on the raging waters in Colorado Sam Champion in our team of reporters we'll have the very latest coming up on Good Morning America.

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{"id":20265768,"title":"Raging Flood Waters in Colorado","duration":"2:51","description":"Hundreds of residents are stranded by deadly floods that left 19,000 homes damaged or destroyed.","url":"/WNN/video/raging-flood-waters-colorado-20265768","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}