Randy Jackson Returning to 'Idol'

The only remaining original judge will be back on this season of "American Idol."
3:00 | 09/11/12

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Transcript for Randy Jackson Returning to 'Idol'
-- -- -- -- -- Yeah. The Randy Jackson State senator Randy -- and nicest guy told interviewed -- -- and became huge fan yet anyway he's going to be back on American Idol he signed a deal allegedly signed infielder returns are American I'll even be the the -- original judge so I don't love I. It's good to have continuity and I'm glad he's back. They said that that fox spokesman said that -- Milligan had any doubts that he would be back now he's also -- carries co manager Jackson plays an important role in getting her on the show -- the -- of -- deals are apparently done. Fox is expected unveiled the new foreperson judging panel this week. It also will finalize -- contracts for newcomers Keith Urban and -- may not what do you think. He's glad the dog back I actually can be honest yeah -- want American I don't I don't watch because I have a daughter has one of the few things we like to sit down and watch. As a fan and usually watching little Einstein's Einstein salute my kids are quite young -- yet it hopefully soon. So this crazy news about this director -- contestant Adam. Nick cast of -- he's got a new project out -- -- pretty controversial. But what he said about his new movie might be more controversial than that in an interview with the rap. The movies called yellow he set up a plot plot basically is about a brother -- in prison and -- visited by his sister and -- engaged. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- not stepbrother this is like black yeah brother and to this let me begin with browsers. OK I don't know that different met expect I think it's HBO or showtime series and they have a baby people tenements that gives -- choice quotes about that yes -- Matta said we started thinking about it we had heard if you stories Brothers and sisters. Who were completely in love and you know what the whole movie is about Latin judgment and the lack of and doing what you want he says it away if you're not having kids. Who gives a darn love who you want isn't that what we say. If it's your brother sister super weird but if you look at -- you're not hurting anybody who gives a darn it people judge you it says. Year you know I've adapted to and I agree on -- okay I'm I don't know if you watched there -- some they get. A debut is just -- -- -- -- Katie Couric and inject probes is the host from CBS's survivor yeah I'm Jack just taking day -- -- -- on all of says he's going to be taking stories like he debuted with. A 31 year old woman with that I fatal cancer diagnosis -- as -- -- she -- machine. I'm showed off her family -- and in the -- her mother. Her daughter into. -- batters and then her first -- was Jessica Simpson who was talking about. -- dramatic weight loss after. After being the end here is what Jessica Simpson has to say about basically. Losing the weight of a child. And I've lost enough weight to weigh in pat myself on the back then you might think well yeah yeah yeah. Yes Amanda immediately after Larry Jessica Simpson truly then -- and honor can I just finished the Katie Couric show so much fun here's my look and she does look pretty -- and yeah she does. Single -- she's about ten pounds away from where she really wants to -- And she will also be hosting the second -- -- Good Morning America. This morning Jessica Simpson's cellphone on to your -- everybody Jessica Simpson. In -- I didn't know about -- that I think she looks amazing -- And speaking amazing yes we talk about the talk. Yes that's what they are coming CBS show all yeah get together they talked almost like the fewest votes yes anyway. These women I didn't get -- kick off their season. Without anything I'll make up no I don't know what hairspray no nothing they went out there really old Asher Allen -- about -- And that they got a lot of feedback a lot of -- Didn't -- applauded -- for their courage and said they look great of course. A woman waited and then what you print sheet -- somebody she -- and she joins us how she -- -- would you do it Paula I would give them but they said no makeup no way wow and that use. Met -- I know and I cannot say a word that. That's -- -- -- Kinney I don't recognize. You're right back everybody.

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{"id":17206820,"title":"Randy Jackson Returning to 'Idol'","duration":"3:00","description":"The only remaining original judge will be back on this season of \"American Idol.\"","url":"/WNN/video/randy-jackson-returning-idol-17206820","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}