Randy Travis Arrested for Alleged DWI

The country music star was allegedly naked when the police arrived at the scene of a car accident.
3:00 | 08/09/12

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Transcript for Randy Travis Arrested for Alleged DWI
And now it's time for this -- I think we -- bulk. Surprise if -- I want to know what our viewers think. Who do you think. It's -- highest paid television personality I mean -- first let me be Matt how that's what I thought maybe Matt Lauer. Simon Cowell alone. How about Letterman Letterman -- And yet it does he makes Big Bang too but no none of those are now. It is -- she Judy. It says Matt Lauer makes 21 point five million a year for doing 2 hours in the morning and David Letterman makes 28 million. For doing an hour at night. However Judge Judy gets paid 45. Million dollars. Year. For her syndicated afternoon. -- -- where he just gets to yell. At at people being foolish for five days. A week writes -- an -- -- -- as we enter your other half hour and. Got a little T five million dollars and a lawyer I'm Linda I didn't know there -- on the -- out of our you have local of this sitting right now. Other -- -- on the wrong how did you all you law. Copyright you don't like their own. Loans and loan builder of the -- due -- -- lot of -- thing but what forty -- million dollars to get jealous people. Hey -- that I had no life. Did Judge Judy had that kind of bank accounts. -- She must be an heir apparent -- do this next or call your agent. Better get on the phone again make that call. Up front cover -- -- deal. No man's biggest concerns in new deals and Randy Travis -- to turn over new -- here is for the second time this year. The country crooner has been busted were DW I look at his face he got banged up here apparently. He was got popped around midnight Tuesday night after crashing his car inspections this according to TMZ. No other vehicles involved thankfully 53 years old Travis was -- -- -- when the cubs and rod initially headed given clothing to Wear. -- you see is -- there help barely got banged up in all of this that a person called and reported someone like in the middle of the road. He was driving his 1998 Pontiac trans am which was classy. Crashes some barricades in a construction zone and then was also charged hundreds allegation because when he got the vaccine become -- -- -- belligerent too. He was on hand belligerent -- happened back in February when they found him sitting inside of his car in front of the church but nobody -- -- -- And reeking of alcohol Randolph maybe -- -- -- everybody again. This -- Kelly Riddell admits to getting some help. She says that she uses Botox as much as possible. Additional tasker her kids for feedback before getting the -- if -- kids are like oh you're from you angry -- your frowning mom she goes she gets a supplemental looked up. She fully admits it. I love that I love that I mean who doesn't love Kelly -- -- but I love the honesty. There -- so vision that radio Kelly looks great. I got I was given love because she's my home state of New Jersey -- over loves you. But no -- to Rob -- -- here because Tuesday each -- going to law school very soon and so excited can't -- scored just never ends for me. And we -- here from the hash -- -- gonna go to USA but on Tuesday at schools like. I'm sorry -- -- actually is not coming here but we wish you look at law school -- is not commenting is still unclear why. He would -- we just don't. Get at all rob went only if things -- -- yeah.

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{"id":16965169,"title":"Randy Travis Arrested for Alleged DWI","duration":"3:00","description":"The country music star was allegedly naked when the police arrived at the scene of a car accident.","url":"/WNN/video/randy-travis-arrested-alleged-dwi-16965169","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}