Rare Art Event Based on 'Sleeping Beauty'

ABC's Kirit Radia checks out a special art event in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.
3:00 | 10/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rare Art Event Based on 'Sleeping Beauty'
Something special here on world news now this morning it's read -- we feature a report from its yet to be capital of Ukraine and do it all here and that's where rather unique art -- is. Taking place all based on the fairy -- sleeping beauty ABC's current -- -- went to check it out. Once upon a time and -- land far far away. There was a young woman and only been weakened by -- -- and want some mom. And although many -- and some. Tried to wake her none room to -- her soul. You're thinking sleeping beauty. You're right. But this isn't a movie it's an art exhibit in Kiev Ukraine. And it's not just part. This young woman has signed a legal contract agreeing to marry the person who opens -- -- At the -- both princes and frogs have agreed to do the same. Instead of the evil -- -- those three good fairies. The mastermind of the sleeping beauty is -- harassed -- Tyco. Who set up to cameras to capture every moment and becomes sort of what. Disease area -- don't know where the story ends in the real exactly. Every day -- a fight beauties agrees to sleep here in the museum. Members of the public who. -- a cursory visual herpes test of the guard here can come and give it their best -- that task -- to keep our voices down in the wake of the community. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- their -- But who want to be kissed by complete strangers. -- 23 year old -- says she's in it for law. Except that I was sure for -- with one case I could tell if it was my guy or not she says community connections somebody was one as you move your senses become heightened Deluca says I can feel when a kiss is coming it's intends to some unpredictable and there's. -- eroticism of course -- the exhibit attract some interesting characters but also people searching for true love. After nearly three weeks only one of the fight beauties actually opens her eyes and when she does. She sees a pair of lips belonging to another young woman deemed Conte who seems just as shocked at. -- -- -- Two women can't legally marry and trained by. So don't you ask him so maybe it's possible maybe it's not that easy. May be true love is real and maybe just maybe you could find it white kids just like a fairy tale. Care -- -- ABC news Kiev Ukraine. I'm speechless and. Where the wedding will be the free clinic but yeah.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Kirit Radia checks out a special art event in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"17440064","title":"Rare Art Event Based on 'Sleeping Beauty'","url":"/WNN/video/rare-art-event-based-sleeping-beauty-17440064"}