Rats Ate A Car?

New worry for New Yorkers: car eating rats.
3:01 | 03/22/12

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Transcript for Rats Ate A Car?
And world news now delivers your morning it's. There's so many wonderful things about living here in New York this guy -- -- Volvo to V repairman taking the mechanical and two thumbs down the engine -- islands under the hood says -- you would you tell me about the -- on your third. The event doesn't know what he -- how the conference's. Basically -- heavy mountain inside of the man's car rats are a monstrous problem here in New York City they say -- as many rats as though are people on their eight million people who live in the city of New Yorkers are basically. In this -- -- these. These guys he's rats and find it and they've eaten through wires they had tangled wires up they found piles of chicken bones in the car and what -- -- Appetizing to the -- because when he gets cold here doing normal weather is -- like this one. And the personnel and his bitter cold and high winds the car is a warm place to be some rats get in there and -- -- had a field day. Under your car the daily news up to have a woman found -- drawing right there so just -- pleasure of living here in the world's greatest city camp. Last -- -- -- the same time I will try and Orioles have made my craft and their -- spinning off into another division called mom believes Monday meeting world -- meaning delicious of the delicious worlds of basically. They're going to expand their socks as a global brand and -- LaSalle letters you sent a -- -- separate publicly traded company later that she basically -- was -- how to get fancy -- do you see these won't be -- visiting Marty will be. Already house and this will be. Two dead take time many have tried and -- -- -- your credit I don't worry I didn't probably do so mr. craft and huge crap. Snack division is getting a new corporate name -- Middletown count all my years. Easy smile Israeli nations world investment means spending and they crappy thing the -- thing -- -- -- and that kind of thing Paula back to kids who doesn't alliances with an array of them not tolerated within. Religion is OK moving on here. In the article in New York Times. We all know beloved girls tackle he's everybody loves -- -- but when the parents album instead of the little girls. What are the lessons being lost there in terms of girls borrowing money management people skills. Entrepreneurs and that kind of thinking hints that something we're now making a point to look at the little girls go out there and sell this don't take a little sheet to work -- -- Philadelphia the -- should be doing more from learning the skills. Not moment that I think that's an excellent point I -- Have you ever -- a box of cookies from little girl only an hour even -- the only time I have a lake outside of a virtual store. Yeah that's what time that's what he will work. Hi Liz OK and finally in villain had to Hillary Clinton area and I -- -- from Little Rock where you know he was of course governor. They're going to be -- main man the airport there at the bill and Hillary. -- -- -- Lot of hard landings but held an intern.

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{"id":15976417,"title":"Rats Ate A Car?","duration":"3:01","description":"New worry for New Yorkers: car eating rats.","url":"/WNN/video/rats-ate-car-15976417","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}