Recipes For Summer Parties

America's Chief Entertaining Officer, Tim Laird, stopped by the studio to pass on some mouthwatering recipes for the summer party season.
4:25 | 08/05/15

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Transcript for Recipes For Summer Parties
We have some colon delicious drinks and food for your next summer get together America's chief entertaining officer and author. That's an irritating Tim later this here this morning with some core may ideas. We love it when you're at the meter reader and we always have fun and always has to bring some fun ideas to you about it's August so the heat is here sought get some fun ways to beat the heat with some summer treats its starting out I would like to set up a self serve margaritas station. And it's really simple and easy to do not here's an aha instead of sweet and sour or a Margarita mix. I just simply use lemonade is the base. And then it is a Margarita station so I always look for good tequila and I love this when this is Eric Dura. You could see with a horseshoe and it's a 100% blew a godly summit put about an ounce and a half. They aired during and but like that. And then what I like to do is set out different flavors so your guests can make flavored margaritas I have a little watermelon pure a little raspberry. Mango peach nectar even pomegranate juice comedy is a little bit of up peach nectar in mind. And that goes as lemonade as the base lemonade at that baby brother Accuray you what at and whatever who along with the territory and there this cheers bone let's see how we get. Boone. A light refreshing because that delicious and hot and here's another trick I like to deal. I make these classes ahead of time because people don't want Salter they don't want if I don't put on half the glass so. He wants all pretty from the side if you don't drink from the that it's just an asset like Florida cabinet what they've let me try it. Booth. Absolutely that's fun. Well. Let's start with cool refreshing soup. And this is basically a blunder I happen cantaloupe that's been diced to dad I'm an ad about a couple of Orange juice. That goes in and then I wanna little sweetener some of these of his little got a sweetener. Now you can use honey about a half ouch don't need a lot in his little little sweet and they're presenting he's got. You what the they're both very good sweeteners in the godly connectors a sweetener that's actually loaned light ceemea and it actually comes from the other Gabi plant that they use to make tequila. A tie and that and it's delicious and you divided used to be just health food stores tonight and find it all over and got into their. Squeeze of lime I like little sisters to go in there. And then a little basal and then I do want a little heat OK OK some of the put a little bit of hobby hero copper use about how just a third to one okay. Connect quickly comes together I'll and then what I like to do is important and individual containers tear gas concern themselves just hundreds of their entering how you makes him. Easy it's that easy and you need Cilic. Servitude guest let them help themselves and it tastes great let me go to fancy parties what's the best way it's in this instance his -- to know actually what shotgun start it like when you didn't know little individual surveys like this ignored -- cheers and has stepped back. Whom his net refreshing. Delicious it. I hate. Yeah and a six. A lot explain it could go as the fighting got basal and adds a little unfair or asthma flavor and a little kick and not to buy that little heat is that there yeah and then. Well let's or soup course how your salad course and I see a lot of summer recipes with watermelon and that a cheese can you get cut of that salty sweet combination. We took a little farther there's going to be my Mediterranean twist on that so we still have a watermelon feta cheese Lou cucumber little bill call model olives are in there. And just a little bit agree thrusting. And that all comes together I put this in little small plastic cups to see your guests could help themselves. Delicious in the good you've got all those flavors and it really is a nice ballad feels like salad but it's like pressure it hits yeah. Dessert we can't leave that out we want a cool refreshing dessert I don't know lot of restaurants have fried ice cream oh well that's hard to do at home so I'd get its trek and what you do as. You take of scoop of ice cream roll it here and I crushed up this cinnamon toast cereal and then roll around the ice cream. But in these the rams since then when you get to that stage you can actually storm in the freezer than our guests are there. Bring him out they can have some toppings like car malt chocolate whatever they like. Fantastic tennis player you always have the best wheel and after the back to all his love media reader that's always fun thank you so much to and then rhetoric to look for our recipes and W and and fans dot com. You're watching world news now gonna double from strict amateur which when mr. I'm going back to whom the. Well.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"America's Chief Entertaining Officer, Tim Laird, stopped by the studio to pass on some mouthwatering recipes for the summer party season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"32891988","title":"Recipes For Summer Parties","url":"/WNN/video/recipes-summer-parties-32891988"}