'Red Tails': Review

World News Now's Amanda VanAllen reviews the film.
0:27 | 01/23/12

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Transcript for 'Red Tails': Review
It's in -- theater not a sunny and -- -- -- great -- -- red -- came in second at the box office and our very talented digital news associate and movie reviewer. Amanda van Allen thought is wow she's -- to -- about it tends. And yes indeed at George Lucas -- a lot of it is not 93 -- from his own pocket. Zell wasn't worth all that -- it was worth all that though it was -- All they years that they waited he said he's wanted to see a movie like this for about twenty years and it was worth the wait it was worth the cash and I'm very happy that I got to see if this weekend. I mean we as we -- know it was a movie about. Would be if it was a fictional based tail base so much a story America's first -- black aerial combat -- -- And of course the title of the movie comes from the red paint details on the back of their planes. As it clear that they were they know that cover well yeah -- big dividend wasn't really fun movie I mean of course it was very historic and it taught us a lot about the history back from World War II but it was a really good film he got really connected with the -- days. And you know what it was just really got -- for the whole family so let's listen so what some -- -- of the -- Have sent. In -- I don't like them apples beckoning big thing right there. The cats and I love the special effects and big and it didn't alliance hands. You know like an -- line he's -- a lot of -- was lost over. Had better -- I'm not very -- so without feeling. If it's good excellent movie great on my feet -- being. This done a great job training and cultural history also will be together some -- More mainstream -- You know they really -- -- that had a couple things to say that I was a little bit too cliche it was a little bit. He's in -- cheesy at parts but for the most part people really lights and it was a really good movie that people must goes into her -- -- -- sort of reverse ground the theater very diverse crowd and the theater which is on of the problems -- thought that maybe we can't market this a lot of people because it's an all black cats but you know what. Everybody came out to -- I was really really happy to see that. Would -- not be acting. The acting was great Q but in Japan -- however great scholars do yes I gave it four out of five -- which is really different because I am tough with these yours what it was great how. Very little reality that's like an eight plus mortified that he -- -- this -- -- -- -- -- You have my aunt Georgia will be spent ninety million -- Many pets smoke may.

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{"id":15419396,"title":"'Red Tails': Review","duration":"0:27","description":"World News Now's Amanda VanAllen reviews the film.","url":"/WNN/video/red-tails-movie-review-15419396","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}