Report from Michigan

Karen Travers breaks down the Michigan GOP primary.
4:06 | 02/29/12

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Transcript for Report from Michigan
The Romney campaign now focuses on Super Tuesday after -- big win both Michigan and Arizona last night in recent polls show Romney trailing Rick Santorum and -- of those key states. It -- Karen Travers says the latest live from suburban Detroit good morning again care. Good morning -- good morning rob were outside now but last night we were inside at the Romney victory party. And when Ronnie supporters heard from the television screens that were up in the room that their candidate had pulled out this narrow win the room erupted with -- each. And excitement. It was a squeaker but Mitt Romney -- got the win in his home state of Michigan. And this days could not have been higher foreign and even though the margin was tight -- wind is a win. Romney back on track to -- clean the front runner status he lost to Rick Santorum. In this room are the people look -- on the doors and made the calls and and when the polls and it made an enormous difference we didn't win by a lot but we won by enough and that's all the counts. -- The exit poll showed that -- -- -- -- was important to Michigan voters. By overwhelming margin to one they said -- was the candidate with the best chance to be President Obama. -- has an open primary which means even Democrats could vote. Santorum's campaign stirred up a little eleventh hour mischief mobile calls urging Democrats to vote against Romney. Romney supported the bailouts were his walls Greek billionaire buddies. But oppose the auto bailout. It's getting harder out here in America. It's getting harder for people to make ends meet. Because we have a government. This crushing us every single day. The Romney campaign called the outreach to Democrats -- Regis say no to that date the dirty tricks -- -- of a desperate campaign and their fears may not have been unfounded exit polls found that 10% of voters identified themselves as Democrats. Those Democrats went overwhelmingly. For Santorum more than 50%. Asked his reaching -- about his -- have hurt his campaign Romney was blunt. Yes expression. All eyes were on Michigan last night but the other story was of course Arizona -- with his victory there Mitt Romney will leave last night. The big winner in that important race for delegates and rotting meg that's of course I UN the Republican nomination and I that you wish she were in areas that are Ana -- hit the ice Palestinian that they -- there. -- wheelchair friendly -- have a couple of questions -- -- personal you know why wasn't so close to me he'd. Barely won here with with Romney in Michigan in 2080 won hands down we talked about the Democrats are -- that the main reason that that they -- that up so much. Add that mischief might have played a big rolled 10% of voters yesterday in Michigan said that they -- Democrats now that's not the most that we've seen in primary in 2000 in fact 17% of voters in the Republican primary were Democrats another one that pushed John McCain over the -- -- against George W. Bush. But yesterday that was a big difference -- 10% really -- this raise a lot tighter. If you took them out of the equation Mitt Romney -- won by nine points instead we're looking at three point narrow win but as Mitt Romney in south -- a -- a win and he's happy he got it. He'll take it of course and we've heard obviously talk about Mitt -- he's had a few gaps say the lease on the campaign trail but so has -- for when it comes to. To Whitman is there -- new strategy now the kind of win back some of those. Female voters who may have been turned off. -- you really got the sense listening Rick Santorum last night that he was reaching out to women voters he talked about his wife he talked about his mommy talked about his -- this was something that seemed like a clear effort. To reach out -- of course we've talked about the last couple weeks he has made a couple comments and might have been controversial for women. A Rick Santorum had a six point gap to Mitt Romney among men he was only behind two points I think over the next couple days there really going to be reaching out to women before Super Tuesday. -- -- Should be -- easier thanks ABC's Karen Travers live in Michigan go get a nice hot body Karen thanks for -- that this little -- in the technical.

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{"id":15814713,"title":"Report from Michigan","duration":"4:06","description":"Karen Travers breaks down the Michigan GOP primary.","url":"/WNN/video/report-michigan-15814713","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}