A Reporter Gets Revenge

A reporter deals with a heckler trying to get on camera during a live shot.
2:55 | 01/31/13

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Transcript for A Reporter Gets Revenge
-- -- this next story each and every one in the TV news business every reporter has been do it and someone their career. A live shot -- some moron in the background -- -- bitter -- bitter thing I ever average everybody TV's been. Through this and you all probably see it as viewers at home and local network news. And it's isn't going to say the least and distracting so actually it was a reporter from WK MG Orlando reporting from New Orleans Albertville she for the Super Bowl himself look -- over the -- -- try to -- on camera. And look at how brilliantly this reporter -- to take a look. What is left is the people walking around with this glazed look in their eyes -- just stumbling. Like last time you heard any time he has carried -- -- -- yeah very nice to meet you know Iranian man. And -- -- ended in a yes that's. I'll tell you because you're just talking about here along urban street and STD -- That's been going on here and so how one can view them he had this TD out of having their CD hurt my -- -- time. IMAX. Had no I have never seen another reporter -- Well hit it embarrassed that girls. Kind of weirder and that was brilliantly. Handled -- read that that is that -- -- reporter -- appreciate. Moments you can only bad thing you'll get -- -- -- shot well done much loved the cubs WK and G in Orlando malaria malaria and so Obama Girl Twitter had respect perhaps you can have them. Well next. Men. Sometimes feel that they perhaps we'll get more love and affection from. -- women if they help around you know the house to do house chores around business studies that no no no. Apparently women com assertive. Find it not so sexy women are helping them with their house sure isn't doing housework in cleaning around and they get less sex if they do it. So men don't I don't know I guess so. How about it that way because some women will find you less masculine and less sexy list six for some of the domestic shores but more if some like the handiwork. Andy -- stuff. That kind of thinks I guess that follows yes right -- -- yeah they had to do belong to that's not sexy but if you're putting a new roof on this is there's a difference in the kind of work maybe -- really have played yet. -- -- yet more traditionally masculine jobs like. Home repair not the road. -- -- -- -- Backpack that -- that also. Content they have their navigated the perfume for babies things always smell good news when they're not like -- -- let me. Please villages still apparently many siblings as little as bullies is doing the assault ability upon -- doing it. And -- minutes could be literally perfume for newborns for instance didn't -- -- I now know. Like puppy dog tale -- made the move -- the times most.

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{"id":18363391,"title":"A Reporter Gets Revenge","duration":"2:55","description":"A reporter deals with a heckler trying to get on camera during a live shot.","url":"/WNN/video/reporter-revenge-18363391","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}