What's Old is New: The Return of All Your 80's favorites!

Personal Finance Expert and Senior Consumer Analyst at GasBuddy.com, Vera Gibbons shares which 80's trends will be front and center this year!
4:35 | 01/30/17

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Transcript for What's Old is New: The Return of All Your 80's favorites!
It's something that we often hear our parents say what's old is new again and never has that been more apparent than lately at villainy else flocked to embrace just about everything eighties. Joining us now to tell us what's being swept up in this nostalgic where surgeons. It's personal finance expert. There Gibbons think he's I'll carry you for having me straight to have you with so we're talking this morning about the Ford Bronco making a resurgence. Will be another pooch. News is really making a lot of headlines for Florida mrs. occur we haven't seen in awhile gas they weren't analyzed. Does question the timing of this because they are gas prices are likely to be higher the next couple of years but I think it's just Ford's way of saying you know. We're hip Burrell event we're cool. It was certainly generate a lot of buzz fans can't wait for the Fort Bragg that in his bed at the dealership cents ethylene iconic. Car yes you be. Interesting to see who I think what I think that fifty something male isn't really gonna love this character because they can relive their youth so I think there's a lot of hype and excitement over this one who is not taking it back to the eighties when we're talking fashion so we went back to the big bank holds and dig out some things don't like Fister and that I can see why with so that this is the sort of been going on the fashion industry for some time. But now it looks like it's really yours so yes the shoulder pads the rock all the denim skirts. Even the Fanny packs out. Some people don't like this trend but it's definitely out there you it's been walking around and noticed. It's it's sticking. Okay I'm CN of the eighties fashion I don't know how how appropriate would be for the workplace but I guess you can incorporate little elements highlight these things about it the Fanny packs knots in my not so much and make them. OK and vinyl records are making a retirement percent to a sixteen. It was a banner year for them because of David Bally's the final record I really put vinyl record sales over the top. The question I think going forward is when the growth is sustainable on some of the analysts I spoke to say. And probably not sustainable but the real die hard music enthusiasts who really seem to light the final Rackers and like the sound like doing it feels so. People like me I'm not I don't really care but the real music inclined tight. They love the vinyl record but. How much she David Elliott that arrow where we listened set the vinyl records you have to buy equipment to go with the vinyl records to its that's another yes net that you're making there. This makes me feel old we're calling these retro toys that these are the toys that I played with we're talking about. What is the teenage mutant ninja turtles power radar what else to try and act are heard a Nintendo. Nintendo. Between the pick classic with a huge seller ever Chris man satin error serve back in style nerve gun to nearly eight I was pelted with many an air gun by my Brothers I'm sure. Mr. potato head Merrimack and mrs. yet again this I had the sat and what so Nintendo's coming back in in a major when any major ray Gagnon is just so what's half. Thing here is I think a lot of things are coming back it's just movie inspired trolls for example that some Libyan starting point it's really popular now. So that's part of it but there's also the big nostalgic element with a parent in the parents want the kids to have the same sort of enjoyment where the Tories that they did growing. It gives them a sense of you know bits is an emotional attachment kind of things so yes we're saying a lot of that and it's morphing out beyond toys is going to lunch boxed merchandise clothing so. It'll be interesting to see if the lunch boxes that had the radius and then come back to out of here remember those I didn't I had an entire care bears collection that I designer that my parents house recently settled into I'm kind of interested at all. In my care rare collection you want to be probably right I would like that has and we don't have to gotten by him more twit that held disuse Swanson and then dispose but the I like this resurgence of what's new is old that's great it's fun it's I think they say that the money I think if you get up around her. Are yearning for years past because it's become so complicated now with technology the world is moving very quickly set it sort of ate a yearning for the simpler easier days when. Things were just. It's trail. We want that we want to focus on some lighter things these days things are little heated up so back nice to focus on the Ford Bronco and vinyl records today we're talking ago thank you so much for being with us thank you have any personal finance expert and senior consumer analyst for gas buddy dot com Barry get then thanks so much for joining asked me if you're watching brother is now.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"Personal Finance Expert and Senior Consumer Analyst at GasBuddy.com, Vera Gibbons shares which 80's trends will be front and center this year!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"45138897","title":"What's Old is New: The Return of All Your 80's favorites! ","url":"/WNN/video/return-80s-favorites-45138897"}