Say What? Famous 2011 Quotes

A look back at the entire year in our 2011 rewind.
2:50 | 12/30/11

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Transcript for Say What? Famous 2011 Quotes
-- typically at this time every Friday we share with you our Friday rewind. Look back -- the week. But with New Year's coming up we decided to look back at the entire year so after poring over hours and I mean hours of eight. Here -- the sights and sounds of our 2011. Re wine. I spoke directly to president -- He recognizes. That the status quo is not sustainable. Change must take place it -- -- only be relieved them of any old but if they do not. Boom what that we currently given -- the United States is conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden. Leader of al-Qaeda. The terrorist who's responsible for the murder of thousands. Of innocent men and women and children. The amount that it literally opened I didn't and -- had that it would ballot and I didn't get that you know -- idea you can you can. He -- that it could be -- get a bit battered avenue and Talladega and actually literally raped her all. This is. The most humble. What's behind me famous names you'd think everyone. Is GE. And you can't tell me definitely that is. Photo viewers not a -- -- you look here's what I mean I'm reluctant. -- to definitively anything about this comment. Put united back in the United States of America would I would do away with the education. The however I expect the commerce. Analyst city. Again the third -- -- -- 101000 dollar -- That was -- services -- We the jury in the -- total exit and find the defense Conrad Robert Murray guilty. You. And this show. Have been -- great love of -- I plan on -- it's called Charlie Sheen. It's it's not available if you try -- you'll die your face will melt off -- -- weep over your exploded body. Good luck -- -- out that right. 2011 here -- easier ride a lot of things -- and 2012140. -- since we have. Eileen do that I'm gonna work out arm you don't then that that -- you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll have more fun more fried food. Yes yes my wife's a analyst Rick separate form white castle which by the way -- -- -- you did it again -- Johnson like we're paying rent and and one.

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{"id":15258490,"title":"Say What? Famous 2011 Quotes","duration":"2:50","description":"A look back at the entire year in our 2011 rewind.","url":"/WNN/video/rewind-review-2011-2012-nye-quotes-sheen-obama-politics-funny-15258490","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}