Richard Gere's Least Favorite Role

Of all the roles Richard Gere has played, which did he dislike most?
3:21 | 03/20/12

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Transcript for Richard Gere's Least Favorite Role
-- -- -- Just get into it -- billboard hot -- let me just be said that yes it worked for ABC I've never been a huge fan of these -- -- -- -- OK -- -- -- -- has not -- warned that -- need to -- -- -- show because it worked for ABC. And I'm into the -- -- there's a really hot guy did not know his name momentarily and name his name is William Levy or Levy I don't even know -- say I don't care. He's the Cuban actor slash model and he was dancing with Cheryl Burke and my husband and I like who is getting -- -- -- so we came here relate. Well both my husband and I. My husband hauling away win in my husband like he's he's that guy has -- -- life. And a man and what it used to push ups and and get those arms you know company get them off forever but. William Levy and Cheryl Burke had a twenty -- And he should get. I scored just kind of music you can't you hear -- when I was telling him that he was over her -- so it's not just coming from me. He's hot vastly okay also -- little -- -- our goal he had a million. -- and ignore us his partner Kim Johnson and -- -- very very smooth scored 26 surprising he's out on top of the leaderboard. And up a little eye candy for you -- -- -- mom and her partner -- cops. -- she did -- Just such apparently not that I know the -- had done salsa and it commitment new lemon. Eighth grade and dropped into grinding together added I think have been hit point one business and Sherri shepherd just was fun to watch content and what the cohost of the -- she'd just had a smile on her face and she -- loves dancing she scored 828%. Rate. Jesus he's 86 hasn't of the Stonewall her way but there's -- address all the folks who keep you updated and throughout the season of course real quick here. Congressman here -- using an interview of course. Pretty moment one of being a Smart instead of his career most people liked -- well apparently he's now. Dismissing it saying I forgot -- movie I've ever elected it was a silly rom com. Community of the Australian magazine called the silly romantic comedy that people ask me about family but I have forgotten he says you don't like the idea that his character -- at least. Right there Edward Lewis. The horrified rash Wall Street financiers I couldn't -- -- didn't let but I babysitting and thankfully they were more skeptical of those guys that we were back then -- Arguing the biggest in his career he says without -- stupid and pulling out distancing himself. From the pretty woman. Fantastic I I I disagree and I still have that sound track and cassette tape. Lot of guys -- enemies yet. -- real quick I love Hugh Grant because the latest interview he just became a dad and he said you know he's got a lot of -- pieces are few things in life I believe a 100% but another one is not giving your children money. I see nothing but screw ups among my trust fund friends it's like. -- -- -- We're stressed that he's basically saying I would give my child the world that -- -- -- trust fund because I don't want them to end up. -- so -- pretty -- -- normal mountain exactly. --

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{"id":15959351,"title":"Richard Gere's Least Favorite Role","duration":"3:21","description":"Of all the roles Richard Gere has played, which did he dislike most?","url":"/WNN/video/richard-geres-favorite-role-15959351","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}