Rick Klein on the Final Election Push

The Senior Washington Editor recaps the final 11 days of the election.
3:00 | 10/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rick Klein on the Final Election Push
We mentioned earlier just eleven days to go until Election Day time now for some race analysis of bit of a look back and a look ahead in. -- and no one better for that and our senior Washington editor Rick Klein he joins us this morning and via -- has always Rick thank you for joining us we certainly. Appreciate it and as we know everyone is crunching the numbers 8000 pulls out every day what's the latest in terms of the national numbers and in his state of Ohio which is. Looking more and more like it will decide this election. It's the tale of two different polling directions right now we -- national polls that have. It probably pulling ahead a little bit including our our own ABC news Washington Post all cracking 50% for the first time. But then when you look at a critical battlegrounds and particularly in Ohio. You're seeing the President Obama maintain -- so -- seems to be firewall built around that state of Ohio where these national trends. Even days ago -- going on and other battlegrounds don't seem to be hitting home in Ohio at least just yet so that means we have the the possibility. Of Electoral College winner who's different in the popular vote winner it's it's becoming more probability by the -- -- -- -- these -- -- that show. -- potentially getting more votes but present Obama with this edge in the key battlegrounds. -- -- -- Clinton why do you think that firewall exists in Ohio what what is it there in that state. The state is different for a couple reasons for one reason the unemployment rate is about a full point lower than the national rate so. All those arguments about the economy -- Mitt Romney's making may have less residents in Ohio another thing that it's critical they are is the auto industry about one -- eight folks in Ohio have a job somewhat tied to the auto industry bailout. Huge for President Obama that old op Ed didn't -- -- roads that that's it let Detroit go bankrupt cutting back on them. Over and over again and the other -- -- I think either of these candidates has that demographic block and Ohio they all have. Trouble with white working class voters that are that the predominant voter in Ohio so I think all the -- are struggling to make that connection -- the close the deal. And there's a good chance that the Buckeyes it's -- -- -- of -- bit of a bear we're hearing that we may not know would be results until November 16. Pet at the earliest but I'm in terms of moving on debt -- look at -- talking about the president's comments to Rolling Stone magazine. In which he said -- brief reference to Romney. -- I have to clean up event but he says they look at the other guy and say well that's a bull crap her I can talent it was in response to the editor. Editors child who want -- to -- relate to the president that he can do it and that's his response do you think there's going to be any sort of fall out. I think for that audience for Rolling Stone an audience the fact that the president uses salty language and reference the Mitt -- is unlikely to be scandalous that it may actually. Get a little bit attraction I haven't seen a lot of folks just say it's an -- presidential comment we. We've seen in recent years a vice president who who had moved much more colorful things to -- to a United States senator so. -- word we're just not scandalized by that language anymore but in terms of that the ferocity of that charge let's not forget that this was the candidate of hope and change for years ago. He's closing with a severely sarcastic message talking about Romney's everywhere he goes and of course up. Going calling calling his rival BS -- is saudis is another level that I don't think it's -- negative campaign rhetoric by. Loyalty and -- the scandals -- are the Republicans at all being hurt by the Murdoch abortion comments and or the Democrats being hurt by those emails about the timeline and Libyan who knew what win. The -- outsourcing to be a more heavily political at least for now because of the issue of abortion and the war on women are older women that Democrats have been trying to -- for a long time. And what does it always met Ronnie studies -- that this -- -- those comments. As the -- you don't you're probably talking about a much on the trail he didn't bring it up and -- it straight on during the debate earlier this week he hasn't been. Really focusing a lot of time on its out -- to eat when he's out there on the trail. ABC news senior Washington editor Rick Klein thank you for joining us from. Studio Klein out there in Washington right thing you know.

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{"id":17570102,"title":"Rick Klein on the Final Election Push","duration":"3:00","description":"The Senior Washington Editor recaps the final 11 days of the election.","url":"/WNN/video/rick-klein-final-election-push-17570102","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}