Rihanna, Beyonce, Justin Bieber and J. Lo in an Extended Skinny

The skin cream, Nivea, was upset with their endorser, Rihanna, over racy beach pictures.
3:00 | 08/08/12

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Transcript for Rihanna, Beyonce, Justin Bieber and J. Lo in an Extended Skinny
Welcome back to an extended version just getting this is part one so we had so much it's up to get to today we're gone we're going the distance today and over the goal here -- just getting here. Rihanna back in the news now apparently you know she knew they had it kind of an endorsement deal with -- that you -- cosmetic line not a kind of stuff well this -- -- -- -- whatever and but apparently she was back in -- Barbados kind of carving up she was actually there. With over Winfrey Oprah was interviewing her right there on the Iowa she's from their. That she tweeted out some pretty. Well sexy pictures of herself apparently the company executives did not -- initiative baseball bat beverage in hand kind of -- seeing her. You've got cleavage together more or less these sexy tweets went out and so apparently -- like -- -- -- too risque doesn't kind of go with the media. Family image of course image is everything with endorsements so this just didn't train well yes it is showing skin it's just get -- This is exactly that for you know Catholic -- -- like -- over the got all worked up. She's done a series of advertisements with the with the firm before they even was a sponsor of a world tour last year. This over the 100 anniversary the company -- now these these photos and made them a little skittish that often she is meshing well we'll -- family image. -- that scary dreams come home and final the 24 year old. -- sexy pop -- like that. You know they're not home playing -- right -- yeah. -- I mean don't you want her to show Hearst news. Beautiful skin you know I had no problem with the they had pretty good I have left I myself I -- -- -- me and mean well. Now beyoncé it beyoncé. You know is known for sort of -- nail art. Com and now she just got this manicure she released a picture of it and the -- it may -- goes a case it. -- she got pictures of beyoncé and Jay-Z on her nails and then also. -- -- the color blue because they have this child together Blue Ivy Carter and the number I TV you know for which is a very important number. For them their birthdays anniversaries. And that sort of thing that we looked at hand look at that and yeah -- you know what it -- -- little fingers in the middle of today and -- now but there's a fashion blogs skylight is unable to decide whether the Manny is crazy awesome or just plain. Crazy for me I've got to tell you just just plain crazy -- I'm not feel that. Get beyond -- usually doesn't do fashion but yeah. -- thinking you may have missed steps away now on whatever the motive that is seems a little. -- too much -- -- me and I am. She may have missed that solved fashion don't and I don't know that she was a -- -- -- -- -- -- did real fast -- don't that's all right nose first about her her nails. Justin Bieber talking trash about Prince William -- announcing gradually lose lose a little bit on top -- -- okay they're okay whatever Justin -- you know what six. He had actually -- just made up their -- a fine but he told a magazine. I mean things -- days to present that nowadays like Propecia I don't know why he doesn't just get those things those products you take for. -- over here. And -- had -- -- -- that Cynthia receding hairline like this he's fit he's made several mistakes. Lately missteps Justin Bieber and me. He didn't -- graduated from high school with -- GD I -- right now is really showing his youth. I think -- night school I don't get -- like the next we'll talk here. It won't talk trash like after you hit puberty yet if they have got relaxed yet. -- -- -- -- He apparently you know Gillette is one of his endorsements they sent -- this pimp out. -- -- -- That's how yes -- gold plated and diamond encrusted in that way he can maintain all his smooth moves in and out of the pool that evidence was finishing a smaller body hairs that yeah. Do you like that the smooth look I'm really anybody this Ryan -- -- -- markets -- drink the waters. I love -- I know. Spinning around to an eyewitness analyst Gideon Mark -- -- we -- -- -- and -- floor well I'm. Huge I loved that movie. Look -- -- movie and they're going to be more because it based on several books Jennifer Lawrence. We'll -- tetanus ever dean she was only paid 500000. He's only wish is only pay 500000 dollars up front for the first movie. Which raked in more than 683 million dollars worldwide. Well she is poised to rake in about ten million. Dollars for -- turning catching fire. Bomb apparently because she is renegotiating because it was such a big blockbuster now let's remember she's only 21 years -- She's that he hadn't gotten you know I was that young -- AM -- 1010 down. I saw that movie and -- well liked it a lot of I was she was really really good of that exhibit that shows you when you're -- first horizon Hollywood soon as -- well. Then just like from Hanover who bet a million to ten going to like that and we'll we'll we'll negotiate -- well done without. We -- we mentioned two but yesterday about earlier this week about the feud between Sharon Osborne and NBC here because she's. He's claiming that two days before the show is back. Osborne. That that they fired her son Jack from Russia because he came out -- about -- -- which is obviously very tough. Health commission NBC is now responded saying wait admitted. We offered him alternative roles in the show that he turned down we do not discriminate on any bases here and yet understand of the show's gonna put celebrities through arduous military style exercises and the folks -- undergo a medical. Vetting but he's just the you know they received. No declined to go further because of minimal privacy is issues which you get. But oddities a physical show -- he may not be after the tests offer an alternative. He declined them and so -- saying look we've we -- Sharon but and it's hard to work with Sharon as well it happened just it worked out so that's how safe NBC's response. Panel that's been at least and his extended skinny Jennifer Lopez has found -- Dollar lawsuit and extortion suit against her former driver apparently he demanded two point eight million dollars or else he would tell the media and the worried about five feet -- she overheard while driving her here and there as she says -- -- -- what Hambrecht. I'm now suing you for -- just. Twenty million dollars she doesn't play the how consumers assume you Rhode don't mess in jail and hospital -- -- oxen who wouldn't eleven I would love to know who's the million dollar -- -- -- --

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{"id":16954941,"title":"Rihanna, Beyonce, Justin Bieber and J. Lo in an Extended Skinny","duration":"3:00","description":"The skin cream, Nivea, was upset with their endorser, Rihanna, over racy beach pictures.","url":"/WNN/video/rihanna-beyonce-justin-bieber-lo-extended-skinny-16954941","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}