Rihanna Parties With a Drink in Her Shoe

A new video shows the Bahamian pop princess drinking from a stiletto shoe.
3:34 | 11/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rihanna Parties With a Drink in Her Shoe
Welcome into the -- once again Arianna in the news for something that she's done that anybody else does and nobody would even -- but it's Rihanna after the apparently you. We have the video so she was dead in Barbados. Is a couple of days ago sugar ultra lounge. She's drinking out. But that's about it Cubans don't let alone -- -- next season like at least the glass when ozone that -- heroes and sweaty nasty. But -- -- -- this is chosen by a -- -- going on in a -- so we don't have the answer to any other questions but the questions not. -- it raggedy old Villa that she does nasty me -- machines I was so -- More is this like a new kind of -- where that we are so behind you don't know about yeah. Because she's -- re -- and you were not. Exactly questions questions questions I really hope to make -- us game. James Kelly protests -- talk about -- woke up. And Ryan sweeting the tennis player. The movie actors the TV actress from big thank Gary bankers and yes my kids and kind of was -- -- Anyway Ellen I was does -- -- have fun she arranges and surprises. Get a -- within mock wedding suit. Her fiance -- and it. I don't think my -- here take my raining here. Legal yeah. I had the best of California Google suggest -- -- Now it is a mock wedding but -- It's been on -- talk about how -- small floral. Before she met him and she knew she wasn't into it and by the second date she was like -- yeah this Sharon is -- pulled out. Yes he's still pretty look at -- picture okay take that listen to this Star Wars. Episode seven and now we finally have a date -- -- very added. It will be released December 18 2000. Teens and we have. A while before we're actually gonna see this. Disney dot Star Wars the biggest food franchises ever from Lucas -- back in 2012 and production has begun on this movie it's the five shooting will begin in spring 2014. And it's going to be any heavy hitter names here JJ Abrams it's gonna directed me he did -- -- Mission Impossible three star checked. Then also being scripted by Abrams and Lauren Townsend who also scripted Raiders of the Lost -- the empire strikes back and return -- the to -- In good company you have -- it's everybody it's coming on out. I hope it's good that to -- it's going to be excellent and that Disney the parent company still has not -- you're gonna say it is anyway it's an eight hour it's -- jays eight. Gotta get himself a little hot legal hot water anyway he's being eschewed. Manhattan record label wants to drag him into court I guess they haven't quite got it yet this comes courtesy of the daily news but. Tough America pink -- the Brooklyn rapper and his record companies with a copyright infringement lawsuit Wednesday Clinton that he illegally sampled the funky late 1960 jam. Without permission to jazzed -- -- 2009 track -- run this down. So it's gonna have to defend himself but that tracked by the -- -- -- features Rihanna and Kanye West of samples. Have been slain dozens of times. Allegedly according to this so -- I guess it goes with the territory but we'll see what happens.

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{"id":20825897,"title":"Rihanna Parties With a Drink in Her Shoe","duration":"3:34","description":"A new video shows the Bahamian pop princess drinking from a stiletto shoe.","url":"/WNN/video/rihanna-parties-drink-shoe-20825897","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}