Robert DeNiro Welcomes Baby Girl

Robert DeNiro, 68, and Grace Hightower, 56, used a surrogate for second child.
3:34 | 12/26/11

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It was unless they work together a list did I know in advance you're going on vacation a well deserved one thank you very much -- End here not and that's such a good time. It's been my pleasure it has a it has been a great time has been here is so you're moving on to bigger better what they'll be all and I wouldn't -- me. How broken -- Times I'm gonna teach them they -- here in new co anchor those tips about. Oh with hundreds up front. -- that there is getting now Robert De -- and grace high powered pinera and his wife there welcoming a baby girl. He -- 68. And she is 56. Will be in woman's name is Helen grace. -- -- the couple's second Sally also have a thirteen year old son named. Actually -- now you know. God bless them -- -- there was -- wishes necessary yet but -- -- some I think it's always wonderful when you have life and to the world but spending ambitions. Sixty AF 56 that's very ambitious spending and I have a five year old student and I'm tired with terror -- -- there. And that 6856. Breath I and I think it's very very very vetted very very. And this hasn't had a little trouble club in the bleachers -- -- high school graduate I think what some people would say maybe that's not so fair to the -- -- But -- -- happy -- I'm not judging Becky. -- an -- that clearly cannot go into a good life so congratulation every ambitious thing -- choice. George Michael Moore series doozy of a press conference over the weekend he'd -- there are some reports that he really was gravely. He also -- as -- -- he -- spoke. Out over the weekend he comes a week during his press conference had lost a lot of weight. Kind of downplayed the severity of illness it's not -- defenseman admitted that he had pneumonia has -- of the -- love of his life -- his -- -- -- he really was near death. Didn't this press -- and -- policy was too weak to know to go too long usually overcome with emotion talking about just. This battle and almost inviting in a coma from outlaw them at a time so kind of -- -- health cycle for a for George -- we wish him the very. Should the -- back out yeah. Now James Franco everyone knows James Franco he's set to star as Playboy porn king Hugh Hefner. It's not -- Playboy's arts. OK OK I think I'm like why aren't -- -- -- I didn't tell you I don't see that casting I don't see the casting I'm not sure about that -- Days -- and Hewitt Olbermann unconventional roles -- really not. Look let's say it turns out sure bet that really a wonderful. Couple months on location for. Mel Gibson back in the news finally after 31 years of marriage is -- he's officially divorce from his first wife Robyn Gardner. Of course he separated back in 2006 she officially filed for divorce in 09 when the whole affair came out and of course he has whole anti Semitic rant all these and they have -- -- children together they have seven kids together to get this. He is worth an estimated in these divorce papers 900 million. Dollars that's incredible amount of money but thanks for divorce is final -- they don't want patent. -- not you know this this last story for me was unbelievable you've got a fan you know the rest are Dre Drake a fan -- -- -- -- His name then go on. Her face -- some people are saying she was inspired by his song free -- which includes the lyrics my name my new -- I know it's real I think Israel. And I do you think that's really think it's unfortunate you really think that's real real. Today's -- -- boys and girls -- moron. I'd.

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{"id":15233715,"title":"Robert DeNiro Welcomes Baby Girl","duration":"3:34","description":"Robert DeNiro, 68, and Grace Hightower, 56, used a surrogate for second child.","url":"/WNN/video/robert-deniro-welcomes-baby-girl-15233715","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}