Robert Kardashian Tells All?

The late lawyer allegedly wrote diary entries, accusing his ex-wife of abusing their kids.
2:28 | 01/24/13

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Transcript for Robert Kardashian Tells All?
Got a -- -- And I haven't heard that often and while -- -- -- some drop auditioning yeah. -- I think -- a get a card that -- and sometimes we all consider the -- that -- sometime. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK so Robert -- -- the father who passed away years ago who was obviously the famous OJ Simpson attorney well after he and Chris Jenner broke up. Piazza got remarried to a woman named Elena not Ellen has saying. That she has diary entries at Robert -- -- before he died and it needs diary entries which are now coming to life. Basically they're accusing Christian are being very abusive to Kim apparently. Quote Chris was kicking and beating her and -- she was gonna kill him he allegedly wrote back in an August 1989 entry. Referring to his wife and -- was the most famous of the. Of the siblings he even talks about the alleged affair that Chris that with. Young soccer player named Todd. Suggesting she was irresponsible mothers -- she really didn't care about the kids now generous -- publicist told New York Daily News we had no knowledge of these diaries existing and these accusations are ridiculous and not. True that my -- that is -- -- so apparently from the grave robber card that she according to. His his widow the second wife. He would have some real -- he was put out there about the whole family houses. None of those writing that's writing them he had seen the diet is easy while we believe that well -- -- very -- -- -- urges Ginny. What about this that's a dirty Eddie Murphy member instant -- -- it and didn't do. He is reprising his role as -- Foley who doesn't remember Axel Foley from. Oh my gosh they're probably -- it going to be as televisions area. Television series now and he's going to -- sort of the father. A young man who is fighting crime -- I got to watch that welcome back it. Gay yes welcome anything is better than in orbit. And so also I've -- a -- that's coming to the defense of the outs in the whole lives thinking controversy from the inauguration. You -- read this said she did a beautiful job with the pre record according to -- is that it was cold out there are some singers don't do well -- Call so the queen of soul who -- -- -- the magazine statement that have let's be honest.

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{"id":18300359,"title":"Robert Kardashian Tells All?","duration":"2:28","description":"The late lawyer allegedly wrote diary entries, accusing his ex-wife of abusing their kids. ","url":"/WNN/video/robert-kardashian-tells-18300359","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}