Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart Won't Appear Together

Pattinson will appear at the MTV Movie Awards without Kristin Stewart.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Transcript for Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart Won't Appear Together
Welcome back everybody time. Time for this city here of course you've been homeless for weeks the drama between now Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart she cheated on him of the director removing -- in this whole ordeal. And so apparently though they will -- together tonight that the need MTV video music awards but. Only on this story. She is actually in Toronto at the film festival -- but -- He will be Robert Pattinson there in person that the awards show with -- costar Taylor longer and other members of the -- kind of show ninety seconds of never before seen footage. From breaking dawn. Part two so they'll be together on screen but only he will be there in the flesh she is -- that Toronto was probably is good to that would be. All who heard if she was actually. There everybody wants to see -- reconciliation at least Albania fans out there and unite do that reads like really. Changing all of our emotions on this whether or not they reconcile also a lot of teams out there are. I don't get it but you know it didn't she messed up so we'll see if he's really that -- -- get back together but OK yeah. -- -- this and send it she apparently now it is telling us weekly that she's ten pounds away from her pre ES. Pregnancy. Wait and we reported yesterday that she hadn't -- -- have a hard times inside my body doesn't bounce back with a supermodel. But according to us weekly she shares what she's eating she gets up at 7 AM to feed your baby. He's breakfast which is a half have a flat out. Flat bread sandwich with egg whites peppers and fat free chatter she's exercising four times a week her waist is going -- her -- are getting smaller according to. Her trainer of course she's gonna have the big reveal on TV show. Coming up and it just a couple of days all right more couple news Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson's -- the soon to be acts like -- -- that he attacked -- Well doesn't look like there's going to be any reconciliation even now he inked his -- -- -- she is adamant that it's over you can't repair that she told people exclusively not right now you just can't of course. Right after his arrest he went -- Twitter and said. Divorce child please that's my wife to another user he wrote -- give a flying pretzel in scandal rainbow -- what she filed for so have you had any doubt GL yeah. -- you say yes I'd -- February there was -- -- health. A lot of people get cats anymore of their loved what I don't understand that but our regular committee did but that are allegedly so you -- get -- -- Later all right. -- apparently held hostage drama on the set of American Idol here because they auditions start here New York City and about two weeks but only one judge has signed on as we reported here before Mariah Carey has signed on for eighteen million bucks. But that's the only one apparently the producers one making the knowledge and Keith Urban but that deal is not done just yet on top of that Randy Jackson's will be moving onto another role. He has not signed his deal either so and apparently the executives of the show won for people on the panel. The city just a normal three so -- -- American Idol. Two weeks away from start -- and lots of question marks. Real quick -- is -- -- and John Mayer reportedly broken up she was drunk texting him. I'm not so fast Tuesday night they were spotted leaving a dinner date in LA and then they -- -- new -- at a concert in downtown -- Saturday night so maybe -- little you know Friends With Benefits or whatever is going on maybe it's not help her body is -- -- --

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{"id":17168883,"title":"Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart Won't Appear Together","duration":"3:00","description":"Pattinson will appear at the MTV Movie Awards without Kristin Stewart.","url":"/WNN/video/robert-pattinson-kristin-stewart-17168883","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}