WNN Robin Rock 9-27-12

Join Berry Mitchell in wishing Robin Roberts a speedy recovery!
3:00 | 09/27/12

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Transcript for WNN Robin Rock 9-27-12
That being berries that sell for our friends in our colleague Robin Roberts Robin of course is working hard on her recovery but we -- you can use a little pick me up to help her feel a little bit better look at. Could be called a master himself Barry Mitchell in the house -- here -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She's out before sunrise -- TV host. Brightening your morning while you're making toast has a lot of courage and with a lot of class action helps GM I kicked -- -- the show's ratings rocket of. -- You're really gonna. Deserve a brass band and a string quartet but we have -- budget loses all that you get -- was sent just reading it's really help us I just wanted to run Stephanopoulos. I have. We -- really got nothing. Discipline determination and -- dear lord. On your guiding principles and we here on board but for inspiration that begins with. 88. Athletic training leg UT sports where -- basketball around the tennis courts where you're strong and healthy. Dan will proudly say go along with your bad self ms. -- -- -- -- -- -- And Robin and everything on the field -- one month. And -- They get what we love you hope this isn't that sent our. About it appreciates that she's doing their best to get better we all think about -- praying for. I had -- I don't know my. Also -- over. Recoveries on my promise I promise -- -- one more time let's go.

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{"id":17335785,"title":"WNN Robin Rock 9-27-12","duration":"3:00","description":"Join Berry Mitchell in wishing Robin Roberts a speedy recovery! ","url":"/WNN/video/robin-roberts-berry-mitchell-song-music-fun-17335785","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}