Robin Roberts Takes Early Leave of Absence

The "GMA" anchor takes and extended vacation and medical leave.
4:14 | 08/01/12

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Transcript for Robin Roberts Takes Early Leave of Absence
Well it's time for this -- and we want to wish Robin Roberts wow. Man as you know she's our Good Morning America anchor and yesterday morning she said that she just wasn't feeling too well -- was going to take sort of an early vacation she was scheduled to go on vacation. What she said well full disclosure here I'm just not feeling too well comment she. So I'm going to leave manual does the rest of the program on your homes this sort of joked around with Josh Elliott a bit and she's she's off. Let me go for a few weeks -- vacation entry of -- she's she's battling a rare. Blood disorder and -- -- -- initially only in late August early September as the seems a little. Earlier than usual but she's a look I'm not a -- up to -- to present any rent some earlier time and and an accident before on the show she really is. One of the most well liked and respected folks in this building so we're -- -- I think at -- -- have no doubt she will make a full recovery and -- have -- -- waiting for whatever she went to come back so ray room for Iraq and get well soon and enjoy a well deserved break. On top of that also some strange news -- New Orleans this morning really how. Engineers gathered filming a movie called the Butler and with Oprah Winfrey no doubt yes and that he's been able to rest did tell there was some kind of incident in this bar called the old absinthe house on -- streets and you've been there -- familiar with the established. -- -- and there are many and also replaces on the plane suburban street at 2 AM -- one album so he apparently was out and some patients in the -- taking pictures of him he can take finally did that so. According to police reports he got -- the bar patrons -- the bartender asked him to leave he shoved her. They call the cops he was bags as they have called the cops are gonna be here you need to leave and he pushes this female bartender a second time and then leave so they allegedly allegedly so they have issued a warrant for his. I'll rest a misdemeanor battery warrant in fact -- he -- -- of people pushed the bartender all this mess in the other orders to arrest him on site. His representatives had no. Comics and he's working with Oprah and she is not going home -- -- -- -- is sure you have come on now Hamas by the suburban street to AM. Things can get back. Nothing good happens and -- -- -- wounded there. Have you boom -- well slipped we all know limp right -- and he's no longer down you know -- don't. Snow lion. OK apparently he has. Com a really embrace. The -- gay he went to Jamaica and he believes he is Bob Marley. Reincarnated. Is going to embrace re -- now instead of the culture of guns he once rapped about. Mommy yeah. He says he's always felt like a -- safari and referring to the spiritual Jamaican movement and -- com. Apparently. You know he's going to really do some work in in the raid -- John -- -- -- -- was calling him. It's a breath of fresh air that -- just isn't challenging anymore. It's not appealing and we -- know that that he's a big supporter of marijuana rights he's been banned you know. Support did advance passing Norway for two years they're trying to enter the country with a small amounts. Last month. Snoop fight the fight. The vanity -- out of its best dressed list of points twelve in the world was only orders but anyway Palin is that they're doing -- -- cover for September 01 -- EC just. Just an actress and that of course those surprise here Kate Middleton adult audience for this actually the third -- -- the case has been. On the cover here's -- she just keeps racing this list the duchess of Cambridge. Other folks -- see Alicia Keys may differ from the red carpet attire Tom Brady for off the red carpet attire also prince Harry's an energy season there so that's that's how we can't. Now we -- not in their next years -- -- count on you to breakfast from -- Next -- of at least fifty shades of gray casting rumors people are talking about Angelina Jolie yes my pay. William -- levied dance with stars wonderful and perhaps Emma Watson has and a -- yes so rare to actually be -- Sickness and war and -- -- --

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{"id":16902434,"title":"Robin Roberts Takes Early Leave of Absence","duration":"4:14","description":"The \"GMA\" anchor takes and extended vacation and medical leave.","url":"/WNN/video/robin-roberts-takes-early-leave-absence-16902434","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}