Robin Thicke's Has Wandering Hands?

The "Blurred Lines" singer is allegedly caught groping a fan.
4:17 | 08/30/13

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Transcript for Robin Thicke's Has Wandering Hands?
Bachmann does give me every line and we have lots of baby announcements -- kick out my skinny so let's get started with Fergie she had heard sunlit Josh now. They named the baby -- -- Jack. Which is -- really -- -- -- Jackson you know. Yeah -- Jack he says he's like pop -- super guy ranked one day he's an actor but he's -- an almost like they're really popular movies and she's a rock star that is a rock stars they have no doubt yeah. Next Jamie Lynn Sigler and her fiance and welcome him to do their son but there's no information on the baby's name -- When you know weight or anything else there's just a rep for The Sopranos actress -- said both mother and baby are doing great. So there you have it. -- -- Beautiful. Cool all right I thought about this woman and this one's really adjusting blurred lines. Just a little -- in the -- Mr. -- kids the -- Jersey -- pick apparently after the be -- at a party getting his picture taken it's making a roundup Twitter OK I mean not Lana Gayle good but. Take a look at the reflection isn't look at them behind him as a reflection. And McClure is handed out and out in appeared. Stress the word -- His hand out the back in the bonds and every short skirt you decide but that's what it looks like when you take a closer look at the reflection. Has alienated taken at the meat -- club 10. So and anyway it's. That you know why. I don't know that his life really cares about what Miley did to him on stage or what he was -- -- -- -- have all the different. Because that's. Performance -- sure what the other ones goodbye and good day after our a couple of just the couple. Later we saw them rollicking on the pages of pictures of the couple frolicking on the -- so I'm assuming she's not home that disturbed him. Eyewitness. The left Denmark -- Our eight minute contest -- -- David Letterman is celebrating his twenty years on the late show on CBS. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Something. My heart has now taken flight thank you. You know. I love you audience I love you but I don't have time tonight. -- I'm only here for one reason. That Larry is that Liberace Michelle went on the Bill Murray doing its thing being hilarious -- and obviously also very funny weird about that idea here billion -- -- -- -- -- I don't dress -- Little -- -- -- -- -- there's another picture of him leaving -- studio where he had -- black skies in -- of Boston part of his basement nothing happened to Bill Murray it was just part of the thing here. Not to do and be funny but yeah he says the whole world that -- -- areas and lay dead and in the Cameron's revelations about. All right congratulations this is sad Clint Eastwood and his wife after seventeen years I asked them on the separate ways. Some things are meant to be -- us magazine clinics -- 83 years all. Accelerated from second wife Dina Eastwood seventeen years of marriage. And do you confirms exclusively this to us weekly the former TV news reporter she's 48 he's 83. Says that -- -- would remain closed but they've been living separately for some time. And they were married back in 96. They have one daughter together sixteen year old Morgan. He -- by the way is also dead seven other kids always been only married 11 at a time. So yes seventeen years. I know you know we we're talking about this yesterday another Hollywood great Michael Douglas. Rumors are that he separating from his and his wife of I don't have many years Catherine Zeta-Jones so it's in the -- -- -- in the Hollywood water. Wanted to go with Clint Eastwood -- likened to foursquare can you mentioned don't want my money -- don't -- well we'll probably bring a chair and talk to the -- You're right you always remembered that here now we did all that breaks up but -- stare -- dirty -- and what. I had and I got to get to think -- -- share.

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{"id":20115591,"title":"Robin Thicke's Has Wandering Hands?","duration":"4:17","description":"The \"Blurred Lines\" singer is allegedly caught groping a fan.","url":"/WNN/video/robin-thickes-wandering-hands-20115591","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}