Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2014 Announced

Peter Gabriel, Hall and Oates, KISS and Nirvana all will be enshrined in the hall.
3:00 | 12/17/13

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Transcript for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2014 Announced
Heights -- -- the rock and roll hall -- coming up with their new class of inductees school you know it's funny see the current pictures of them and it's kind of like hard sometimes to say why these -- all very famous for the pictures multi. Over there on the left who has -- -- glasses. He also -- in concert this summer he still sounds amazing because our guys in the middle not. Did -- about the same -- horror and -- old Ariel though kiss is beautiful clothes they Wear make up -- -- -- 99 and exactly like they did to really let that recognized -- -- that's Nirvana on the left in the no sign you kidding me a chance like noon on -- and that's all right and there -- Linda Ross that when you -- analysts. And on the right gets -- one is -- -- land use up his mom formerly. Is kept secrets you got it I'm proud. A leading a into the rock and roll hall banned by the way. To begin running dimension I saw in the -- Jones beach. The my essence I think ultimately he saw him on the going to -- -- hanging out having been humiliated into bicycle and don't think. Anyway -- are some of the theater and he was great and show. April 10. 2014 at the Barclays center in Brooklyn New York will be the first time the ceremony will be open to the public. In New York really great class of inductees this year. Coming into this now gets but Jackson's children are speaking out now we're hearing for the first time from blanket the eleven year old who is very very young when he was only seven when his dad passed away in 2009. It's -- the documentary that's being executive produced by their grandmother Katherine Jackson. -- it can't get so little -- at a lot of insight into the lives -- -- while mayor dad was still alive take a look at. Just in 2006 years old to learn that his name's Michael Jackson that he was on his dad when you know a lot of kids our age -- who more secluded we never really loves her ranch house 10 PM. -- -- -- -- Lions and the economy and in the -- -- -- columns. So let's sixteen year old prince fifteen year old Paris an eleven year old blanket that you just heard from -- -- it's a little -- state. They have a fund raising goal you can only -- despite paying on it -- hot line. -- fundraising goal of 3.2 million dollars he may ask what were some of that fund raising money going. There's really no charity that's been associated with the project so it appears that all of the product profits could just help support -- Of the Jackson to have -- Another sort of feel about -- -- you know this incredibly rich family needing more money but we've also heard that in the news has to -- struggles with this other area. -- -- -- -- ten -- skits and hear the kids and -- -- the bad for the facility on. -- Justin Timberlake pretty cool stops a concert Sunday December 15 he's performing removal of the KFC yum center like the name and a little KFC yum center. Anyway key -- got to come up and. Facilitates as. Video have a problem proposal he brings up Josh and can resist making way up here in new basically says -- -- -- We -- -- -- that I -- Proposes crowd goes wild. Pretty cool right. -- -- -- -- -- -- keep it. More involved with -- kids we had that -- myself be taken by a fan and beyoncé just popped up in the back. It just isn't stopping concerts -- -- -- it yep pretty cool and then this happened in Louisville was the tweet from just there it's.

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{"id":21243129,"title":"Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2014 Announced","duration":"3:00","description":"Peter Gabriel, Hall and Oates, KISS and Nirvana all will be enshrined in the hall.","url":"/WNN/video/rock-roll-hall-fame-class-2014-announced-21243129","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}