Rowing Workout Craze

ABC's Genevieve Shaw Brown learns more about the growing popularity of rowing workouts.
2:34 | 10/20/15

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Transcript for Rowing Workout Craze
OK so spinning yield and bar classes have. All been the raids in last few years but there's a new group work out for those looking. To mix things differently you actually did this work out today to that you really had to waited are you really need your actions don't really need good awards. ABC's travel lifestyle that are Genovese shopper out explains. Mobile oversold cycle there's a new studio work out coming at town. Group growing studios are popping up all of running shoes and easiest case. All about getting back. Its loans will be most popular sport in. I think that this is a resurgence coming back to back kind of relieved finer things that really more. It doesn't really offensive things are true and we've captain. Right now we're no longer than destinations if Warner broke his hat and US surgeon. Don't like me ever not a machine. Time and we better that part of our job. It just really get that familiar live the benefits of the red machine and get acquainted with life. Where was hard to find beautiful yes it's. This gives all the camaraderie rally. In an indoor and urban setting we. Didn't hear gold medal winners we've had ocean growers and here we've had people who were all the way we've had those people in the same class working toward as they wanna work. At the same tempo when you rallying work every single photo. Every street we find a lot of people saying that they're getting their efforts to reach areas so for a lot of women that had to. To beat them back their body I have felt arm area. Have fun dad spy. Started coming here now AXA could. Class black. And sport. Is. We find synergy. To dress that's why that is a lot actually I've done it and it is a great work out but it's so boring. You actually need like a motivation in that little glass in front of you perhaps enough. Nice cocktail or some. Six if you happen and coming up editor as we've never seen before brown.

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{"id":34591747,"title":"Rowing Workout Craze","duration":"2:34","description":"ABC's Genevieve Shaw Brown learns more about the growing popularity of rowing workouts.","url":"/WNN/video/rowing-workout-craze-34591747","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}