Royal drama intensifies

Royal insiders tell ABC News that Prince Harry defied a direct order from the queen when he and Duchess Meghan publically announced they were stepping away from their royal duties.
3:08 | 01/10/20

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Transcript for Royal drama intensifies
This morning the palace of reeling from that rule ill be evil as Prince Harry in duchess Megan waste no time acting on their personal declaration of independence. Just days after announcing they're taking a step back from royal life the duchess is already heading back to North America. Flying to Canada today to reunite with the couple's son. It comes as we learn new. Luckily most web that the statement was good to go out in fact she expressly said. Do not go public with this until we've managed to resolve it. ABC news has learned Prince Harry defied a direct order from the queen to keep the decision private. Until the family had come to an agreement about the future. And that neither William nor Charles saw the statement until just ten minutes before it was sent to the media. Talks about the decision began months ago with prince Harry First you're going to his father to discuss a change of roles but Prince Charles demanded a more. Next Harry went to the queen who urged her grandson to work with his brother and father to find a solution. But that's sudden break from the palace could tarnish that famous Markel sparkle when she was able to deal with that resident have to pull away. Outrage already pouring in from the public over what some view as a betrayal I think what you don't get everybody down. Members of the queen's court has even said the couple could be punished for disobeying an order from the queen. Sparking rumors that the two could lose their official titles but turned out titles are the least of the worries in bucking ham palace. The queen setting up a series of conference calls with Harry Prince Charles AM Prince William defined the best solution for these complicated issues. Including questions about who will foot the bill for the couple's cost of living. Police protection travel even their home in Windsor are all costs currently picked up by the British public. It's now up to government officials to determine how meg in in Harry can reduce their roles while still being funded by the taxpayers. The bottom on it is the British people. Would not like the fact that there was a part time roles have been really in golden lifestyles. Try the them. Trading from their blown are making money don't sums of money from that while still taking money from the public process. This is a whole thing yeah and it's not going to be overeating and no not at all Oprah's involved. Right so there was word coming in that the couple actually consulted with Oprah about how to handle this situation with their family Oprah. Has cents responded saying she did not she denies it. You arguments and yesterday about do we have a stake in this or not he's an I think we do have a stake we got Archie. Who I mean it really is contributing to the diversity. Of the royal family much needed diversity and security and taxpayers Anglican to our own backyard. We don't have royalty right we've got govern officially got X government officials who are getting lifetime security.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"Royal insiders tell ABC News that Prince Harry defied a direct order from the queen when he and Duchess Meghan publically announced they were stepping away from their royal duties. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"68191699","title":"Royal drama intensifies","url":"/WNN/video/royal-drama-intensifies-68191699"}