Royal wedding preview

With the main event now hours away, the small town of Windsor, England, begins to come to alive as preparations are finalized. ABC News' Maggie Rulli is there.
3:22 | 05/17/18

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Transcript for Royal wedding preview
Let's turn over seas right now because we're just about 48 hours away from the royal wedding. And several new developments to tell you about reports say Elton John will be singing at that wedding that's right but the big question is will Maggie Marcos father be there. ABC's Maggie ruling is in Windsor England would all the DHL stars Maggie good morning. Then intended as good morning all right now we have one source confirming that Elton John's going to be here. Which I personally hope be as we do some other clues as well we know he's rescheduled. Two of his concerts of a previously scheduled for this weekend and he'll still has close ties to the royal family. As a keep getting closer to the big day more details like it's are coming out about the excitement here just keeps building. Three days until the real ID news and Windsor castle's are wrapped up in a flurry of wedding activity. From diehard fans already lining up along the carry through on stain yeah I'm sick men miss Chan I'm not hold him. To the royal kitchen where thirty chefs and assistants are chopping peeling and prepping for the couples 600 guests. The couple wanted us to to make sure that we use all of the night hoops season approaches. As much as possible. And the impossibly cute wedding party that house announcing that walking down dial will be prince George princess Charlotte. The three children of Megan's friend and stylist Jessica Mulroney. Along with the two daughters of another close friend that Nina Lynn. It's an update because they've chosen the children like that that practice but there are still few things we don't know like what the rest will meg Indy wearing down the dial in this is a course races can and design test and you will be walking her. Megan's dad Thomas Markel was supposed to be their for the big day. But a week of tabloid drama has left many wondering living naked to Lyndon at all first the Daily Mail reported that he staged photos with the paparazzi. Then Thomas reportedly tells TMZ that he had a heart attack last week and had to undergo major heart surgery Wednesday. Questions of sanity being raised about about the village to see if thomas' claims plus the data he said he was in hospital. With the Hoss had policies they is actually sponsored by paparazzi outside his high. So far the palace has not confirmed of Megan's dad is coming or who was walking her down the I. Instead asking for understanding and respect. In addition to Megan's dad her estranged half sister Samantha is also the making tablet headlines all week long the latest. That teams he's reporting cement that within a car crash while being chased by the paparazzi in Florida and broke her ankle. But so far police have not reported that car crashed only adding to the long list of we would stories come about. And we had about her family leading up to the wedding here this week but. Meanwhile want to take you here to Windsor where. The action is already building Diane and Candace says you saw people have a lined up since yesterday along the carriage route and behind me in this big open field. Organizers of artists are to bring in food carts and stands and they say. They expect thousands of people to be here partying come Saturday. I wish the tomb you weren't here with mean dance Maggie we're coming and where he had time but we heard enough to professionally already accent for the occasion. It's really and she admits. Of that apparent that there will be an Italy NN. Man you're gonna Britt and it's quickly to try to bury her and that they BC's Maggie Carlo I didn't win there if they don't kicker Alex.

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{"id":55228053,"title":"Royal wedding preview","duration":"3:22","description":"With the main event now hours away, the small town of Windsor, England, begins to come to alive as preparations are finalized. ABC News' Maggie Rulli is there.","url":"/WNN/video/royal-wedding-preview-55228053","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}