Rumors About J.Lo's Love Life

Jennifer Lopez has been linked to "Dancing With the Stars" pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy.
3:36 | 06/12/14

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Transcript for Rumors About J.Lo's Love Life
It's anytime let's start with the movement -- -- no -- about boomers. -- Loews love life even better yes some are saying that the newly single model to. Is dating Macs -- The star. Check. -- gorgeous sky the pair first met last November when they shared the stage at the American music awards -- -- sparks flew that night but nothing happened apparently. Since. Lopez said if you want to know that she doesn't like being alone. Mama. Of course apple hasn't sweet pick up for Max there wouldn't. Stay tuned on that one -- -- word this morning that believes star lea Michelle was dating again nearly a year for the shocking death and her boyfriend in costar Corey Monte. But -- is new beau whom she met on the set of her new music video is raising eyebrows he's been identified as Matthew -- Reportedly a -- escorting charges women 315. Dollars an hour. But -- -- -- Twitter as a life coach dating expert and massage. There has -- resonate wolf -- -- -- your -- -- saying that -- has been on hiatus from his -- jobs since it started dating only a few months ago well good luck to her you know what I'm more than happy to see her move on -- was -- capsule that's. And that. Our next up Bill Murray last time we saw him he was dishing out advice and a bachelor party shots than South Carolina. Turns out that's not only -- a missed check that he was involved in check him out right there in an engagement photo with a young couple. The photographer says before the shot Murray was standing behind him trying to make a couple of -- a guy says. Murray was holding up insurer slapping his stomach -- take a picture of them. And Murray agreed true story my buddy Cody was in the elevator -- Bill Murray back in the eighties. This crowd elderly Bill Murray looks and everybody looks at each other and he says -- Bill Murray said nothing when he made these faces like. And rolling his eyes he said everybody was hysterical and the man said nothing -- lights yep I'm Celeste. -- the wildly popular PBS series that made science school for children during the ninety's is getting eight reboot. We're talking about the magic school -- their NN is only this time it'll add 362. -- tied up. It'll feature a -- -- mrs. freeze. -- significantly higher tax flying school bus as well as new tools for the students like robots. And acceptance speech -- -- part of. The reason for the series re launch is the 1980s low tech version is still holding top educational show. I'm Netflix and -- -- -- a lot to say all right look next to what could be an instant holiday classic the internet's favorite cat is getting her own Christmas -- That's right grumpy cat is coming -- -- TV television near you the movie it's called rugby captain worst Christmas ever and starts grumpy of course who's. Real mayonnaise and tartar sauce. It'll be about a pet store cap that's consistently constantly overlooked and the twelve year old girl. Who can talk to her casting for the voice of grumpy cat is still under way right through so there's chance for -- to -- the role at least you new job possible now -- -- done. All right time take a look who's celebrating a birthday today. Let's start with former president George H. W. Bush -- nine -- you. Geraldine worked day and actor Jim Nabors who is best known for his role as -- -- -- pilot turns 84 hour. Happy birthday -- all man.

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{"id":24101541,"title":"Rumors About J.Lo's Love Life","duration":"3:36","description":"Jennifer Lopez has been linked to \"Dancing With the Stars\" pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy.","url":"/WNN/video/rumors-jlos-love-life-24101541","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}