San Francisco to Vote on Public Nudity

City leaders will vote on allowing public nudity.
2:55 | 11/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for San Francisco to Vote on Public Nudity
Welcome back everybody time part of the mix and maybe some disappointing depending on your point of view good news for folks out any. San Francisco because today the governing body of the city is going to vote on an ordinance in the city. By the -- that would prohibit nudity that most public places this -- be a blanket ban to make sure everybody covers up so. They're saying here that. The proposal the amount which is made by Scott Weiner went of the good -- and supervises the city would be illegal for person over the age of five. To expose his or her genitals or they all regional any public. -- side Wall Street. If park or plaza or using public transit very important there couldn't get a little more specific -- -- what you know the full. Details of a storm that it's as if -- all the pleasure areas of the city our folks like walk around showing off their tables and bits and so anyways and -- trying to crack down on it. So they're gonna vote today the ballots already prompted a lawsuit so on and so forth but that he could be able to find -- even. On the third offense under this new law could be possible for two a year prison if you're really happy offender so. Say -- -- -- Democrat governors San Francisco possibly. Men are right so I want to -- you illustrate today very unhealthy. Mother daughter relationship -- happened in Chicago. Back in October early after over. Apparently a pregnant woman helped her assailant attacked her mother. They shot -- with a stun gun like up to fifteen times they were after her diamond engagement ring it was 3.5. Here is worth 40000. Dollars -- right. So not only is this is the daughter she's pregnant at the time helps the assailant kind of -- -- up. They've made away with they made out -- 200 dollars in cash plus that three and a half carat diamond engagement ring. A witness was able to pull off. Her ski mask before the -- was sped off but how about that your own daughter pregnant daughter beat you up. After the engagement ring the mother is -- that she was treated for some injuries -- I was going to be a Lindsay Lohan sort of personal -- man who do not know it added yet I can't believe -- I don't think she's going to be invited over thanks. No awkward and arrested awkward -- discussing their teams may have offered -- guess what they have turned into a musical in Germany. Yes. Is now a musical in Germany had just opened up there with the backing of course sly Stallone himself thing. Musical to. Look -- right people right here the -- of the musical focuses on now the he Adrian romances and that's the that's the gist of the whole thing but very very cool rocky from 1976 who -- -- now he's the musical. You'll legally and it -- had an accident yeah kids are getting to New York get to know. Fuel aid and I had to yeah.

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{"id":17765990,"title":"San Francisco to Vote on Public Nudity","duration":"2:55","description":"City leaders will vote on allowing public nudity.","url":"/WNN/video/san-francisco-vote-public-nudity-17765990","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}