Sanders Opens Up During Fourth Democratic Presidential Debate

Bernie Sanders explains his frustration trying to focus his campaign on political issues, rather than Bill Clinton's previous scandals.
3:32 | 01/18/16

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Transcript for Sanders Opens Up During Fourth Democratic Presidential Debate
It's crunch time on the campaign trail fourteen days. Until votes are cast in Iowa and several polls show racist tight yet they are joining us now ABC's deputy political director she Shawna walls. First let's get your take on good morning at first let's get your take on last night's debate there were some heated exchanges over gun control as well as health care didn't expect that. Well those death when the most fiery exchanges and we prison on the campaign childhood Clinton has really been hammering bring Sanders. All those two issues but it was the first time that we teen them. Face to face next to each other on the debate stage and in other powerful model was and Bernie Sanders was asked about Bill Clinton's past indiscretions. Just when we thought we were passed all of this comes back again here's that we responded. Yes his behavior was deplorable have I ever want said a word about that issue. No I have not on little debate Secretary Clinton governor O'Malley on the issues facing the American people got killed. So can he keep up the high ground while I think it's filling it up to him I think he can keep it up to her gum but he's going to. Consume he asked the question likely not just from reporters but at town halls and so I think it's really up to him if he. Decisive continue not trying to make it an issue in the campaign or fee changes of mind. Now Renault is mentioned that the races are tightening and yes they are Bernie having some traction does he really have momentum though right now what it's like he does now with if you look at the polls he's limited have for quite awhile but. But now with even Republicans knew him Iowa. So if in the apple have still two more weeks ago and this is function or certain intangible may have been paying attention for a long time but really boaters trying to pay attention now to things can change. It does seem like right now that he has the momentum and look for the Republicans on back or side Donald Trump really increasing the attacks on. Stupidest comment leaves on Sunday with what is with. Nobody in congress likes and nobody likes him anywhere once they get to know. He's a very. He's got an edge that's not good he can't make deals with people like that and it's not a good thing it's not a good thing for the country very nasty guy. So is the pro Manto. About a romance is 100%. Over the morally what kind of patting his bear hugs strategy until now. Really refusing to attack each other even though both of them would go against the Republican rivals. You know everybody else but now they're really going at it with that the obviously these comments but also with. It patents so. I think that this is really going to be that. We're showdown to watch in the final days we have so many. ABC colleagues who are out there were embedded with the campaigns what are they seeing out there that. We're not learning. From TV well I think that what they're seeing at which is just fantastic is being able to talk to voters every day getting to your Wimbledon. And it. In Iowa and New Hampshire these Brothers are very clued and this. They know that they're important role in this race and this is something real. Well thousands of people go to his rallies. More other thousands of people trying to weed to get an I think what we have to see is the in Iowa especially this is a different type of order. Will lose people cough gets. It remains to be seen but there are thousands of people going to see I found this less exciting time right. Just never know lots and they are going see Bernie Sanders to me he's getting huge rally as well. Two weeks ago and hard and are it is hard to play over here at ABC's deputy political editors a shot I want thanks so much for staying up without of course.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"Bernie Sanders explains his frustration trying to focus his campaign on political issues, rather than Bill Clinton's previous scandals. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"36353480","title":"Sanders Opens Up During Fourth Democratic Presidential Debate","url":"/WNN/video/sanders-opens-fourth-democratic-presidential-debate-36353480"}