WNN Skinny 12-28-11

Sandra Bullock reveals some broken hearted secrets.
3:25 | 12/28/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny 12-28-11
-- Sandra Bullock is finally coming up out and speaking about that horrible Jesse James cheating scandal. And the humiliating the buckle that she suffered as she said she thought that she was permanently broken. When this scandal erupted. -- those revelations that her husband had cheated on her with a tattoo model Michelle bombshell McGee -- she says she was content just to walk away from acting but this. Director Stephen Daldry lured her back to the set with a starring role opposite Tom Hanks in this movie extremely loud and incredibly close. Which details events following the tragedy of September 11 and she said even though she wasn't prepared in her head -- -- you know that the works. Look louder can you imagine in the acting world without Sandra Bullock you know I don't want America's clean car crash in the differential of just how strong should go through all that yet it through -- she's back. Patient I don't Connor apparently doesn't really have wedding material but did not -- -- -- dashing and -- day. -- it but she called it quits after sixteen days. Apparently they were having some problems. Two -- Herridge who she had to married and basically said after a couple of hours of the marriage you know what things are gonna work out there -- some problems. He was having some people from his past making some comments than she basically said you know -- sixteen days. That says she -- she nothing compares to two and ahead. Two weeks and today is better to get -- -- Well this is interesting Beyonce there it's rumored -- give birth very soon we're hearing that from saint Luke's Roosevelt hospital. That there is some sort of high profile. Person that could it -- ended when -- check in today to give. Barrett everybody thinking what other high profile person must be beyond any event -- time media swarm of yeah. -- is that they're probably watching paint out thank you sell -- The kind of attention we started Famous Footwear. Not some -- I mean come on -- that's gonna make the most. Beautiful child in the room and talented as well Taylor waters having to fight back -- -- some accusation that's an accusation but some things that we're. Portrayed about him. There was a face cover up people magazine's and that he's out and proud that he's gay in fact it's a -- cover. Some of the celebrities they'll actually tweeted when they saw this online -- that they were so they were supportive of him Russell Simmons. So that he was proud of Taylor water for his bravery but obviously changes and said that's awful that your gonna make this kind of stuff that it's not true -- not yet found himself. Well finally last but not least DJ ear -- I think some people effort pretty familiar with them he does this every year he smashing out the top songs of 2011. Got to take a listen to --

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{"id":15244339,"title":"WNN Skinny 12-28-11","duration":"3:25","description":"Sandra Bullock reveals some broken hearted secrets.","url":"/WNN/video/sandra-bullock-breakup-relationship-james-buzz-hollywood-15244339","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}