Santa's Elf: A Day in the Life

Rob Nelson visits Macy's to serve as Santa's not-so-little helper for the day.
4:15 | 12/21/12

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Transcript for Santa's Elf: A Day in the Life
Well it's got to be the most thankless job in the world -- this time of years Santa's elf but this is one of our. They've read stories of the team here we go that's because and in -- -- -- the holidays a spirit of selflessness of divvying up. Utter foolishness. And I decided to try out for the job in here. Is how wins. I'm about to start now this very important duty as one of -- million. FC at the Macy's in Manhattan very big job very important job I -- it's so important that. I have -- men's store here mentor for interviews that everybody out there insomnia let -- Yeah. Yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- That'll -- very important distinction matters is what is the best part about being one of Santa's helper has nothing romantic moment seeing it can't walk in and keep an iPod and every time. First I need to get into my official health beautiful. -- your whole life you know those of us and TV news about. Getting to the network. Sometimes the dream shatters. But he made it could not admit to the North Pole and a walk all really can't selling -- and he's a whole pound break -- what you get and if that happened and how many. Didn't you think the fatal -- just to do. Only picnic I think 50000 today probably at least 101000 and maybe even more every day every -- You know we're we're making our way we high horses standing critics counter all right now town hall this very -- get -- of radio film. He's must love that unlike admit that is probably the hardest thing to pull them away front to get them this seat and there are almost as popular as -- Yeah now I know we're getting close to the -- TI didn't like some help. Tips and excellent public what is your. Well always be careful obviously you always -- everyone and Mary commitment obviously Americans and. Just think this through a big -- And that it fit our middle wide open that there remember what -- told -- old children are good. And he had that spirit inside of them and there are excited to -- Always knew when they I'm excited -- -- -- We have so much fun. You don't we absolutely. Now that I admit the big boss it's time to learn how to take those iconic Santa photos. And it's. Six Kelly speaks aren't here auditioning fairly it's not as easy as it looks are good. -- -- -- -- Not she looks -- Santa. -- -- -- We're gonna look right here at the at the jingle bell all right right there for -- as much. -- -- -- -- Wonderful. Yeah. After some practice I finally get it right snow that's a good -- guys I have to -- -- -- I drive you. You have a lot of spirit you interacted with the children very well. Thank you Santa -- you have a Merry Christmas and remember this is the most wonderful time of the year. Hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope. -- sad day to is really makes you sitting on Santa's lap and being kind of bounce around like. That was the moment that was that was definitely has an interest and antibiotics and it it. There are important also to their -- -- letters came -- they had to him for every letter that it can write to Santa Macy's donated dollars and make a wish. Foundation for their so there's a lot of goodwill goes into if you go -- they'll begin -- the letter and he goes for a good cause in addition to the fun of seeing Santa and -- clearly it's. I'll let you all write your own captions battle and yeah. -- don't know.

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{"id":18035048,"title":"Santa's Elf: A Day in the Life","duration":"4:15","description":"Rob Nelson visits Macy's to serve as Santa's not-so-little helper for the day.","url":"/WNN/video/rob-nelson-santa-elf-macys-newyork-18035048","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}