Sarah Palin: Outrage Over HBO Movie

The biopic about the former Alaska governor has rubbed some the wrong way.
2:54 | 02/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sarah Palin: Outrage Over HBO Movie
All right so you know that a movie about Sarah -- coming out soon. -- -- -- us and more well. Current former aides are blasting net and their I'm saying that it seek and that it's an accurate of course it's based on and the book from -- campaign back in 2008 nominal. Loose I -- -- -- -- right yes now amenities said they've seen the movie and none of them were interviewed for the book from moving -- -- it's inaccurate. It's good -- in the movie is -- complain about how she's being handled by political advisors mumbling about missing her baby who was born in April 2008 trading. And -- snippets the campaign strategist. Steve Schmidt portrayed by Woody Harrelson -- being on the verge of a nervous breakdown her former spokeswoman. Meg Stapleton says she's not been contacted by anyone associated with the book or movie she's is they don't want you're eating good. And we all know -- cells and that dramatization of Palin -- even more this is just sick to chip the wonder none of her current or former -- contacted. We actually -- that you can -- be about you would and that contacting your. Inner circle if if that's true I'm sure she -- she always does go on Fox News came out and defend herself and so world news now. Arafat made bad in big exclusive -- elect is here. All right Lindsay -- back in the -- and for good reason apparently the judge in her ongoing -- -- -- public in case -- lots of good stuff to -- -- he was back in an -- courtroom on Wednesday. Actually got high marks the judge said miss -- you're in the -- of probation officer -- -- you seem to be getting your life back on track and that's what we all hope -- she is some more some -- more -- some more therapy -- to go through -- essentially she'll be done and -- it's -- children unsupervised probation so. -- doing well she -- doing well look good so apparently may -- finally. And around from Ludlow all right so how adorable -- Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend Justin Brown who they met and the second -- -- -- well. Well beyond their momentum from a well anyway Justin went on Alan. And showed off his breaking scene some look at that. Seven very good -- imagine his. Have -- -- yeah. -- -- Actually had been tempted to break dance for Harrison and he's trying to show for I imagine what hasn't been mentioned to you Jennifer Aniston so I'm sure once -- those moves are. -- -- an end here has been looking good at being in shape Kate Walsh of phone Grey's Anatomy and private practice saying she is on the cover of shape magazine -- your breasts but. Didn't have run four years old Jesus -- right now -- -- healthy company and sexy I'm enjoying my forties and wanted to share I think never shared always wonder how much such up but. You know -- -- looks a lot looks good.

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{"id":15772792,"title":"Sarah Palin: Outrage Over HBO Movie","duration":"2:54","description":"The biopic about the former Alaska governor has rubbed some the wrong way.","url":"/WNN/video/sarah-palin-outrage-hbo-movie-15772792","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}