Behind the Scenes at the US Postal Service

On the busiest mailing day of the year, letters and packages start their journey here.
2:45 | 12/14/15

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Transcript for Behind the Scenes at the US Postal Service
Back today he busiest day of the year for Americans sending Christmas cards. I felt that they Tuesday from my sales soul even though it may be quiet where you are at this hour there are some places. That are busier than Santa's workshop want to go live to ABC's Tina trend hate Tina what's going on at. Adrien and here at the Morgan mail. The one of the largest in the Google today. I'm right behind KK. Mart ending the scene where all. Holiday cards and letters that you can't turn up the ball in the end my partners here. Seeing right here. Right now in. Areas in need. And they're going to be shipped off. Let's update you. Any word if you're. Lot of mail. On that letter up holiday packages. To get tipped off and bacon in time for the holiday. Would imagine that would unite like Pete Holland yeah I do. Minnesota but it looked like reams of paper behind you of people buying paint perfect balance. Now you can't pay. One of the few things you actually end up mailing this every year right every other day events in email that we don't adopt red. If that happens through this play. Over the next couple of weeks and that's why they apparently in started delivering on Sunday Tina Tina how many of those easy. I'm an event that feeds the mail call finances. In about the victims while movies net. We have built under here until but I say I imagine she's gonna tell us.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"On the busiest mailing day of the year, letters and packages start their journey here.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35752115","title":"Behind the Scenes at the US Postal Service","url":"/WNN/video/scenes-us-postal-service-35752115"}