Scrumptious holiday bites

America’s CEO -- Chief Entertaining Officer -- Tim Laird stops by with a stack of delicious recipes to help elevate your holiday party!
4:12 | 12/20/19

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Transcript for Scrumptious holiday bites
This weekend coming up its prime time for holiday parties and I am dressed up and ready to go all bets that and here to inspire us. With his incredible recipes our friend America CEO chief entertaining Officer Jim layer down. Welcome back to what is now. Cannot edit I am look at you like now don't you are right it seems that I think that whatever kind of and a bottle address. You're looking guy Kevin not heal fast and just look at it and make dessert and I. Who are very passively given this. Right right here absolutely got some great ideas and it is a holiday so let's start off with the cubs are playing when I call. A sparkling. Little drink here this is delicious you. And it starts out with little quarter bell champagne in a glass you need that for love that. And it's actually my sparkling missiles homes. And Zoellick Jones has the core bell champagne in there. And then had a little red furlough program buried Jews and enough festive garnish witches this Rosemary spare. What cram Mary's. Maybe top that off with this two men are more and you want there's alcohol free version is our core values eleven months ought to supplement lines cares at all Hank Aaron in us. Delicious I'm sure you're. Better and yes I daylight that I received funny quirk balloting in the ever for drunk guests from Auburn's give a glass of champagne welcoming me into your house and that's all you need. Good to met for the holidays here's a fun idea came these teams going I was like the set out a lot of appetizers. Just for people are coming in and out. These are double bags but they're actually ready for the holidays does that actually died these. Whites green. Read and actually blue and white as well so it's really easy to do just a little bit of water food coloring and some vinegar yeah and it's a beautiful craft built. Doubleday so it's delicious the ingredients are there again are. All for the to have to make the coloring and yes and that billing as well that's telling hasn't grabbed traditional element of buttons let a little bit of mayonnaise and a little bit of the egg that you put in their little paprika on top. Ending in the crevices are honest when I thought these are traditional several eggs. With a little bit extremely clear absolutely and that's the commits a little bit of the crab in there and run again now here's another treat this is Bruce get it's got cheese on the bottom a little little but chop tomato. And four red and then green we have a little capers and a little parsley on top so they're very nice delicious and head over here sample easy fun to make. This is just sliced sure resell that comes already cut but that did dash the little red wine on top of the just a little bit garlic. And actually bake in the oven bird you know a few minutes just to get it all satin and it's ready to go serve it was NTELOS. And that's a great appetizer it looks delicious now for dessert what do you do with all that leftover off highway views apple cherry Berry. In lower to do is make a milk shake out of it. Just all of us like this morning right Larry and again it could be getting Heidi had to slept over simply don't wonder yep YouTube's advice. Four to six ounces. Half and half. And your leftover pie about a half of that as what you want and we're gonna give this a good. And after that solved when the dime this is. But yet you see what you think. Did that's what you're doing a leftover pie maker milk shake out of an outline I just replace my morning smoothies with the best she can absolutely if it's gonna be fun and delicious and easy you saw how that book that goes up a lot of I kill a child born in there and kick it up two as well. Not having a very welcome land at the time these are all so great we love them all you can find all these recipes. Our website WNM bans on top war netcams book that's. Entertaining cocktails and appetizers. Somewhere thanks as always we really appreciate what he's happy holiday happy holiday afternoon. Tutors you're watching world news now.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"America’s CEO -- Chief Entertaining Officer -- Tim Laird stops by with a stack of delicious recipes to help elevate your holiday party!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"67852030","title":"Scrumptious holiday bites","url":"/WNN/video/scrumptious-holiday-bites-67852030"}