This Season's Best Arts and Crafts

Toy Insider Mom, Laurie Schacht, shows us the hottest arts and crafts toys the whole family can enjoy.
4:25 | 10/04/16

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Transcript for This Season's Best Arts and Crafts
With Halloween and Thanksgiving just around the corner it is prime time for arts and crafts season. And luckily toy insider rambler Shaq is here to show us all the latest offerings to help the kids get a little bit creative and then maybe be adults too and you -- still getting to know whether it's after school may be rainy day you're a great birthday present and looking for. Our press is a great way to go out. So we're gonna start with something really cool this is how we're 32 handlers start the best 3-D can I have ever seen. It's eight kids safe and it doesn't get hot at all we simply put in nexus eco friendly plastic. And outcomes a pliable pot look what we maybe you can build week. A structure like this just by using just craziness and win the plastic is coming out it's not sticky it's not hot. You can make a ring or bracelet right on your skin you can use temp lets it comes with. To create and design different things for you can build and easing structures and well and limitless in terms and agreeing live that list that's exactly it. I write this is a throwback. Disappear and I remember from a long time ago and it's back and it's cults land so land is like being magical sand you square is there it is squeezing it and we can build structures. Under water. So it'll hold what ever we do. But here's the magical part. I can stick my hand in here in the stands is trying to take it right out of the water look what I have been hesitant that I have tried saint. How amazing is that what does that mean it needs you can use this over and over again really. That act let's hand it. OK so let's talk about the fact that kids left to make things and displayed. Reasoning bracelets out of these kind of things well so this isn't the read T beat cramped and it's called jammies so what kids do is they take his elastic bands. And then we take these beautiful little crystals and we put them on the day and a okay. Stanley follow after we made a few of these we start following the template that comes with. And suddenly we're making pacts little puppy. Fish just flowers. Anything you can imagine a man as if you're me. That's a welcome sign or that case it lots of great thanks for the kids to display a OK and mad and we know that we adding that idea American Alexa when they can't just speaking we know especially when there writing this remote is all over the place now they can make their own misses the Crayola mode you maker. And basically it comes with everything it kids need. To me is more kitchen making your own market so perhaps and then hidden and you also make you don't colors so I can putt. A coloring here or I can mix the colors. Scan and make my markers to myself a little hard to and you can choose any shape and color it might indicate a customizing the colors and naming it. And it even comes with the boxes yeah and it involves rumored right so we are let Zulu reluctantly that looks good. But this is our little Lockett memory maker studio so what kids are doing is also making memories. So it is a lock its we have. Charms that we issues. And there's all kind to teams who could be sports scene it could be how easy April Ryan of background yet. We put eighty year we put the base then we put our pieces and we snapped the top time. We shot this. We do a little match. To infuse our star. We take it out and name have you lock people who Wear around your neck or on your wrist and you can also do these over. Beautiful right as step to bow. Finally now we know the message hired a rat backed not. This isn't horrendous iron grip with twelve knew we can't lose this is spy aircraft shapes so instead just regular shapes that you might now. Now you have stars and hearts and tiered trapped. But you're still making these beautiful design. I think that's. It I think and maybe the only person who can't actually uses firecracker nut yeah and not let had a look at that work of art is that not beautiful that horror. Maybe better yet this is normal people do this fire graft. But really a lot of great choices for the kids so lots of new shapes in the sun twelve new shapes its. All right LaToya Ted Mueller checked our it exhibition beam that lack of safety and you can get lots of other arts and crafts ideas alerted website toy insider dot com and on our FaceBook page. WNN fans that come. Stay with us you're watching Brooke needs now.

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{"id":42548934,"title":"This Season's Best Arts and Crafts","duration":"4:25","description":"Toy Insider Mom, Laurie Schacht, shows us the hottest arts and crafts toys the whole family can enjoy. ","url":"/WNN/video/seasons-best-arts-crafts-42548934","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}