Secrets to a Great Workout

Study suggests that you shouldn't be able to have a conversation if exercising at an intense level.
3:00 | 12/31/12

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Transcript for Secrets to a Great Workout
-- And welcome to -- makes everyone hope you like my damn hot duties. Hot -- I haven't heard really the name rob got meetings for Christmas you can put them in the mark -- -- -- -- and say yes they want. They have rights or some sort of substance retains date and pictures. It's uncle your booties all -- -- you like -- yeah. OK I -- both practical and different states. -- reply little commented how do you view workouts and maybe go running with a partner and that partner tries to its. We have a conversation with you and you just can't yourself out of breath -- course look at what that means attorney general are not yet what it's yours you are working out he could have a conversation with somebody you're probably not working out -- there's new study out there and they say. -- just want to apply the top -- simply put if you exercise at an intensity level is still unable to carry on a conversation. It's a good -- -- intensity for you can keep -- had a conversation you may want to tone it down a -- to you -- -- -- -- speaking doesn't mean he believes that -- -- it might be time to dial up your intensity. Okay I'm very happy -- there you have -- I've never been flattened. Tim lake especially Ronnie like ice I don't like together but because I don't wanna have a conversation -- wonderful because like he ever get over these. Heavy duty so I'm like sucking wind that you know you're not alone I don't really devastating form -- -- -- cannot say it squeezing -- Can stop breast cancer mom mom before you. Giving up what squeaky moves can -- scientists at -- squeezing -- can actually prevent malignant study -- everybody scientific from triggering cancer. To do your part let me demonstrate. -- -- The experiment involves growing. -- itself this is true with silicone and squeezing the silicone during the first stages of cell growth and over time the malignant cells started to grow normally. So for real. -- -- -- there you go. After the battle -- our hot dogs got -- her current. And on that note from mom -- if you've had Botox. Well there's never did you never had been attacked I have anywhere but I probably -- and -- for more reasonable and then. You know just the recalls. New -- -- -- -- wrinkle treatment could also treat depression believe it or not ended -- doesn't actually fascinating life. This cosmetic center in Maryland that report airport that it physically prevent the person from frowning which can trigger negative emotions and depression. Today interviewed about 84 people exit 27% of the vote -- reported an -- Depression can -- and a whole many -- brown says you're happy and and a number -- your body interprets that it's like a somatic. We're talking about all kinds of interesting things -- Chinese -- -- I don't sleep. I think my pajamas the -- earlier in the majority 74% of Americans sleep and some kind of clothing only. Seven or 6% sleep naked I'm one of these people apparently it is good for you thank you bit unusual to sleep -- I -- I just.

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{"id":18100147,"title":"Secrets to a Great Workout","duration":"3:00","description":"Study suggests that you shouldn't be able to have a conversation if exercising at an intense level.","url":"/WNN/video/secrets-great-workout-18100147","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}