'Sesame Street' Episodes To Be Cut In Half

PBS announced that the iconic children's show will be shortened from hour-long episodes, to half-hour shows.
3:52 | 08/13/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Sesame Street' Episodes To Be Cut In Half
Well we begin with news about Sesame Street at what we hope is not a sign of the times yet Connick children's television show was apparently shrinking. Yesterday PBS announced that the hour long version of Sesame Street will not be in their fault line up now before you get. All grouchy taken. There will still be new Sesame Street episodes are just be half an hour PBS say the move after receiving pulled positive station and viewer feedback yet what are those viewers are they want less of Sesame Street. Shame on you since 1969 the show has made millions of parents feel less guilty for using the television. As the baby sitters out back have to say I'm actually not surprised I took my kids to Sesame Street place in Pennsylvania this weekend. And I actually had to YouTube Sesame Street episodes because they watch other cartoons they do did you have to. I goal yet was a favorite. Oh I loved it fired big bird it was Mike and Mike time was before the outlook time actually tell. Mosque to the hospital got Europe that's collapsed let's turn now to actors aerial winter. The seventeen year old modern family star opening up about her decision to have breast reduction surgery in winter is known for playing and dirty but likable middle sister Alex spent the on the show but this summer she underwent the procedure just season seven of the show wrapped up in an interview in Glamour Magazine winner talked about. Going through a rapid growth expert and describes emotional pain of being scrutinized and bullied in the public eye. As well as the physical pain in the large chest surgery took her from a 32 asked. With 34 deed when there is sharing her story in hopes of inspiring others saying quote it's something that I did the better my life better my health. And I think that can benefit a lot of younger and. Since its in 1994. From the air and the Lion King has become the most beloved Disney stories and now it's getting TV spent up. Simba and now are back but they're all grown up now and will be voiced by Rob Lowe and got real union. Making their return will be James Earl Jones as the voice of the new fox who lives on in spirit. And attorneys about what will again be playing the voice of boom bah who unbuckled. The new show which is called the look I didn't guard return of the rule worse starts on in that are on the Disney Channel showed that Chen. Disney is the parent company's appeasement. But I'm just. Like that's important as glamorous like. Always. A voice from above a mining voice from god and let's get up quit congrats to music legend Billy told a 66 year old piano man proud dad of another girl. His new wife Alexis Roderick gave birth to Della rose Jules yesterday here in New York. But she's jewels second daughter is first Alexa ray is 29. And finally Steve Martin is being honored for his contributions to the world. Of bluegrass is in the comedic actor. And had an incredible career making people laugh but did you know he's also enjoyed success moonlighting as a route Smith musician. I. Then the top of his five Grammy Awards Martin will be honored by the international blue grass music association with their distinguished. She mention that award is given to artists for their significant contributions to bluegrass music. Martin has incorporated banjo plucking into his stand up performances since the 1970s. And has been playing since he was a teenager. Let's he's really really Catholics taking that to break a little bit of Christmas.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"PBS announced that the iconic children's show will be shortened from hour-long episodes, to half-hour shows.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33054303","title":"'Sesame Street' Episodes To Be Cut In Half ","url":"/WNN/video/sesame-street-episodes-cut-half-33054303"}