Insomniac Theatre Review: 'The Sessions'

Jayce Henderson reviews the new independent film starring Helen Hunt and William H. Macy.
3:00 | 10/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Insomniac Theatre Review: 'The Sessions'
Insomniac -- can't -- -- Hello -- -- -- about film that's been getting some very positive reviews and it's called the sections true life story that's being released in more more theaters over the next month and here tell us about it is our digital news associate chase Henderson case welcome. That's -- this movie is actually based -- of a true story about a man named Marco Burien. Who in the eighty's and ninety's as a very well acclaimed journalist and poet. But he has writings are not the only thing that were well known forever as the fact that he lived almost the entire life -- and -- -- -- basically what to believe today. At the age of 38 he decided he wanted to lose his virginity. And in doing so he consultant with -- -- it's played by William Macy who gave him the approval to see what's called a sex surrogate. Played by Helen -- you quickly realize it's been seeing this movie that it's not just a story about someone losing their virginity it's about a man and has journey to manhood. Take a listen to some reactions. -- I loved it I'm Mike still processing and but it has really day. Touching and the performances were very very strong hands and powerful but it's -- -- the kind of story. That states killed. This includes reach out. Does this. It's just. A lot of people loved us Beaumont I have loved it too I'm giving -- four out of five stars. Rotten tomatoes has -- been raining in 96%. The critics of this building everyone's loving it as definitely gonna win a lot of awards and best of all when you come -- -- you just really start to think about the concept of community. But -- -- used to be a little creepy well when you can make a script about a quadriplegic losing his virginity. To a really therapists -- amazing. It must be very well acted and it must be very well -- link how -- would talking about it sounds like they're very just -- spring -- -- -- -- exactly but when you actually get into this movie and you actually started this is why that's that's an excellent job as you really do you really very strongly. Very quickly to these characters. It's not by the end of as -- and you really do built for him and you understand the situation can you bring somebody on this movie -- jurors this this is as an adult -- adult film. Thanks thanks thanks.

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{"id":17532967,"title":"Insomniac Theatre Review: 'The Sessions'","duration":"3:00","description":"Jayce Henderson reviews the new independent film starring Helen Hunt and William H. Macy.","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-theater-sessions-movie-review-17532967","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}