Sex with the Ex: A Good Idea?

In a study, 21 percent of divorced couples said they've have had sexual relations with an ex.
2:55 | 08/08/13

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Transcript for Sex with the Ex: A Good Idea?
Over the next this is a very interesting one Y sex with -- -- apparently. It's a good idea. And -- -- the messenger here it's a recent study published in the journal of social and clinical psychology. Researchers at the university. Arizona -- -- -- the 137 recently divorced. Adults have cracked and they asked how many had a little occasional fling with -- -- and it turns out that most participants 82 point 5% remained in contact. 21% of the 122. Actually have a little run -- -- And apparently it helps. Get over the road. -- yeah any yeah is for the -- adding that help you have closure only that situation. -- man -- -- I've men must be behind the study seven -- planet means he should shoot it down but the whole can of worms her hey how. Her heart broken it helps you sort of. Get over your feelings apparently to have sex and the one of the heart just don't care it doesn't really matter so the saying it's sort of -- net net. -- -- -- Broken the last thing I want to do after I eat my pints of ice through gotten fat and yeah. -- her turnaround. -- -- Thanksgiving -- -- but I know what's important -- you playing your right at the Geiger Robin Tyler right now let's better than -- I think. But I'll that I wrote about -- very yet okay university Canada has decided to help if the students -- these stress by creating a Roma. Where they can go to which is filled with puppies. Nice that kind of thing that because I make things don't love it you've got finals to worry about it -- -- -- -- -- because you've got. You know anything happening at a school just being at school -- your way from home can be stressed -- There is now a puppy room at the university and you can go there -- -- got dual threat. Now the president of this article brings to the very good point being around a lot of -- can be a little stressful and lacking here -- a lot of right. Scratching but he doesn't -- around puppies and the smell of. Puppies and their pain that video obtained on the second floor of the NYU dorm but hey -- -- would have been -- welcome at -- -- -- university was intriguing yeah. The trend you have -- and -- -- so we -- -- that was nice try Michael. -- -- just plain weird only in New York story and it's true economy and trade talk about the subway folks the New York City Subway. Picture the -- -- the four foot shark the end train this morning in New York. Very strange nobody knows how it got there. But. What writer who -- to the government says it's the real deal but they didn't see who put it there. And for what it's worth some people such short week make its Discovery Channel they said yeah. Not house nobody really knows how it got there and take it up to read -- Jakarta. -- York.

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{"id":19901022,"title":"Sex with the Ex: A Good Idea?","duration":"2:55","description":"In a study, 21 percent of divorced couples said they've have had sexual relations with an ex.","url":"/WNN/video/sex-good-idea-19901022","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}