'Sharknado 2' Debuts and Rules the Twitterverse

The awaited sequel debuts on SyFy as excited fans tweet about it.
2:13 | 07/31/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Sharknado 2' Debuts and Rules the Twitterverse
Well for the second time the sharks are invading social media in New York City the sequel of shark NATO aired on the scifi channel last night. Setting the Twitter verse on fire shark -- to -- second one started trending more than twelve hours before the premiere. This Diana died -- -- said he -- New York City ion the end -- -- is joined by warm famous faces like the fox. And the sequel was chock full with cameos if you caught it including our friends Michael and Kelly that's right Michael -- -- even -- the shark. Want to watch that this is proving to all of us why he's. Going into that football hall of fame this weekend -- the first shark -- generated more than 600000. Tweets. An hour after their height and still don't get it I understand the fascination I don't know what kids are into it's just so outlandish and so fun. It does not look like something we do get a vehicle film forever never I don't get it but -- -- -- trading my kids so maybe that's why don't attack cookbook that it. A production has been halted on the mega comedy hit Big Bang theory as the actors demand more money. -- winner Jim Parsons Johnny elect you -- -- -- -- negotiating together in seeking big salary increases sources say they want a million dollars per episode up from 325. Thousand dollars big name is the most -- TV -- the country's more than. 13023. Million -- part of this if you like ninja turtles here's one for you the movie poster down under has Australians wondering. The heck were they thinking. It shows the teenage mutant ninja turtles diving out of a burning skyscraper worse though. Release date for the film in Australia is nine elevenths heroes and a half shell or half baked marketing the poster -- in the opera or online at Paramount says. It is deeply sorry pulled the poster from its Twitter and FaceBook pages right away. By the way that live action film debuts here. Well you know where your ninja turtles -- are now. -- an ice to collect the ideas solo action figures are now. But that takes it to run that on -- I love those mutant ninja turtles.

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{"id":24785263,"title":"'Sharknado 2' Debuts and Rules the Twitterverse","duration":"2:13","description":"The awaited sequel debuts on SyFy as excited fans tweet about it.","url":"/WNN/video/sharknado-debuts-rules-twitterverse-24785263","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}