Shop Smarter on Cyber Monday

ABC News' tech contributor Tina Trinh shares tips to save you money and time.
2:38 | 11/28/14

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Transcript for Shop Smarter on Cyber Monday
I get why they yeah skip from one of them. A final words and Black Friday shoppers is your thing then it's time to go online. Retailers gearing up for Cyber Monday and that means big savings for Internet shop that's right ABC attack attributed to a trend that has some tips. It will not only save you money but hopefully some time and a lot of headaches. Fast time here again this trick he's cleared the way and it's time to get your shopping we'll go out infield with this. Then you can see and shop. First things first mate only. Once you have your list make sure you check out deal aggregators sites like dealings that congress would deal back com because your item or something similar might are ready to be on sale. When you couple dose discounts for Cyber Monday Promos codes it all adds up. To significant savings and sought clearance items or any discount and maybe 30%. And then you can stack. 8% up slightly from sponsors is Tom Hoffman that is and he does leadership don't forget to go through a shopping portal like eBay stock car. He cites we'll give you an additional cash rebate on your total purchase usually around 3% but some heat and higher. Your bank might already have a shopping portals like shopping chase. Access to major retailers. Release portals initiative directly to destroy a web sites and you'll get cash back on top of Cyber Monday deals. What are some of the best things that by anti Kremlin saying this Cyber Monday is definitely the best time of the year. To get clothing shoe and beauty deals and the good news is that you don't have to wait Monday to scored those deals Saturday and Sunday. Machinery unofficial start of the Cyber Monday deals between few weeks hey. If you aren't already following your favorite brands and social media now the time we'll send out exclusive coupon. Through those channels even signing up for companies newsletter will. With all the savings and racked up UV on their way to a theory. Seen a trend ABC news. New York. So much to remember attempt a little overwhelming pain clinics mean resist going up but annie's or store. Well she makes there's really get to put all of us as well which is. Phillies shot the sites that HTTPS. Signal because those are more secure and everything I like his. Always pay with a credit card other debit card you can avoid it. Yeah I just like to have my back I just don't person by what you want to come home crowds is with cash but only in January Lawler.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"ABC News' tech contributor Tina Trinh shares tips to save you money and time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27232041","title":"Shop Smarter on Cyber Monday","url":"/WNN/video/shop-smarter-cyber-monday-27232041"}