The Skinny (12.26.12)

A look into Spike Lee's new Twitter war.
4:02 | 12/26/12

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Transcript for The Skinny (12.26.12)
Thank you yes it is time for the skinny this -- is in the house and on this day after Christmas. We have baby news in skating one I don't know that's really news because everyone's been talking about this for the past week but now it's good for us how it became news and what's going -- king and Jessica -- and she is having another baby and she's confirmed that because we've been talking about this for several days. It's interesting the way she's confirmed that she's pregnant she tweet did this -- we're about to show you. And it's her daughter -- -- exist well saying she's about to become. -- big sisters -- Jessica Simpson pregnant with their second child. And what's interesting -- is -- just been paid four million dollars by Weight Watchers to help lose the baby away from the first baby. And -- -- up dropping fifty pounds and so Nash is gonna have her second baby which. I'm guessing that's coming -- to be another Weight Watchers deal in the works to help her get rid of -- And of the debate even the -- away from the second baby social get another -- -- maybe down. -- that was an expansion of the -- Alessio generated -- a right next to you could call this the battle of the bickering director Spike Lee. Talking about jango unchained -- we want to show you tweet did you send out where she said. American slavery was not to Sergio Leone spaghetti western it was very strong words it was a holocaust. My ancestors are slaves stolen from Africa I will honor them of course that is a direct shot. The fellow director Quentin Tarantino and of course -- -- no stranger to technology -- no stranger to controversy. And of course he's he's also said some things about this film he's made some very very strong films with African American -- He's -- -- said I think you for me I'm not gonna say. I haven't I think for me candidacy would be disrespectful. To my ancestors. To Sundance film suspect they certainly speaking out very vocal -- about this. Stars in the film that Sara -- you do have -- -- Hollywood a -- in this alliance and there's a bit of history there between -- Quentin Tarantino and Spike Lee combination. Somehow Spike -- found time to get into this controversy while sitting courtside watching the New York Knicks which has. -- impressive. And the next story is one that we -- got everyone talking sex tapes and we've been talking about this during the break what what -- late night newscast be without another sex tape. Come -- and as soon as I said that I think can -- -- Can -- that that is the sound of every single one of our male viewers out there getting out a pen and paper receiver getting give -- the URL we are not -- now. But here is the latest sexy it has to do. -- Chad. Boat show see -- go that's right. Apparently he's starring in a sex tape that was leaked online there's a celebrity website world star hip hop put out the web and put -- the footage. No idea exactly who -- in the tape except for Chad Ochocinco. And apparently some sources close to -- -- said that it was shot roughly three years ago that he had nothing to do with it being leaked. Not that it matters -- somehow suspect that this may in some weird twisted way. We energize his career. Really popular football and that's how I'll let Obama I don't know it'll sell some tickets outside -- that navy I can finally get the skinny all the rumors are being put to rest already Ben Affleck not running for US senate ever almost not -- about this you know -- gonna take over -- Senator John Kerry now but he's been. You know lined up for about forbids on the secretary of state position with Hillary Clinton leaning and Allentown Ben Affleck is gonna run and -- and around the democratic. C nope he's not he went to FaceBook and said that. He's not interested while he loves the political process and will not -- ready for public office but he will continue work. With the eastern Congo initiative which is a nonprofit organization that he has been actually talking about a lot politically he's been very political but it's interesting day here all the rumors when celebrities start getting into politics -- also -- about Ashley -- may be ready for senate in Kentucky after. Not happen and -- Massachusetts. Sorry I'm just -- doing -- they were talking about --

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{"id":18064541,"title":"The Skinny (12.26.12)","duration":"4:02","description":"A look into Spike Lee's new Twitter war. ","url":"/WNN/video/skinny-122612-18064541","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}