The Skinny (12.27.12)

New accusations in Whitney Houston's cause of death. Was it murder?
3:45 | 12/27/12

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Transcript for The Skinny (12.27.12)
Thank you so much well -- that's -- it is time for this skinny and I think the first story. Made a lot of mouths dropped. Absolutely you know this has to do with one of America's most beloved. Performers one of our America's most beloved musicians. Whitney Houston you know the memory of her -- still very fresh you know it hasn't been very long. But there are accusations now. From a Hollywood private investigator who claims that Whitney Houston was murdered by. Drug dealers he claims that he has surveillance video that proves it. His name is Paul Paul -- -- and he has turned over its evidence to the FBI. Showing at the 48 year old singer was killed over a drug debt in February of course these are just allegations and accusations he says he has proof but again we haven't seen that proved. Now of course of this is true this would be major major news. In any area is -- well I don't have I can't say that definitely she was killed but I have proof and I there's video of drugs being delivered it -- -- -- -- to say that you better have just up the back then he just didn't take some time against the bottom of this month. Okay this one may make your mouth dropped as well I I couldn't live when I read an old I didn't mean -- from may need to start in of this. -- Jared. I like mad because it could be on Jerry Springer Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Kevin Federline -- -- brother says that he actually fathered. Their first child -- -- at New Britain United Airlines -- he that he is the father Britney Spears first 2007 years old. Sean Preston there's Britney -- -- we don't have an image of Christopher. Any also plays and that according to the national inquirer that Britney Spears stole his credit cards back in the day and ran up a lot of bills you know -- that amid all the family drama but he says quote according to the inquirer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the public does not even now. Right. Yeah and you know we -- so much they need to televise that paternity testing. And -- little story that does Jerry that's -- who aren't a bother you -- -- -- -- Thank you as for timing of my oh my my family loves you Willis has got to get you sent out there I don't think the -- Kevin Federline run from like backstage and they just aren't that. -- it is it's bad it's bad so what else is coming and we isn't. Positive news I guess -- yellow stick it with Hollywood and there are some rumors out -- Janet Jackson is engaged to wait. Millionaire boyfriend isn't as we some -- -- he is a qatari. Billionaire he owns. A retail chain of stores -- these rumors you know anything they surfaced here in there rumor has it that. They -- gonna spend three million dollars to fly in about 500 guests for this very posh. Very elaborate -- three million that's it's pretty big wedding. Wow what David it is true if they're very happy congratulations there's nothing wrong what else could work until we're out. Patrick Dempsey ladies ladies and yet they believe he's mystery -- you have to I don't watch Grey's Anatomy but. -- the very attractive young man cracked. He is rescuing a coffee house -- to -- -- a big heart as well trying to save. Jobs of more than 500 jobs it's called -- coffee gets filed for Chapter Eleven bankruptcy. And I can tell yet because it's based in Seattle -- -- -- Grey's Anatomy a shot if he does as if he goes in there and serves -- every day trust me this loser will be -- once again so good luck and hope he's able to do it. All right just before we wrap up the skinny. Couple of star crossed starlets and Hollywood Miley Cyrus and Hemsworth well there are some rumors now. That means had with -- and Hemsworth was spotted wearing a ring. Suggesting that the couple may now be engaged. Did it lettering on it yet now I am we want to see this ring of course obviously -- -- -- -- -- you can see anybody doing the network. The site and that is the skinny.

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{"id":18072398,"title":"The Skinny (12.27.12)","duration":"3:45","description":"New accusations in Whitney Houston's cause of death. Was it murder? ","url":"/WNN/video/skinny-122712-18072398","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}