Skinny: Schwarzenegger Status Report

Could Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger be getting back together?
3:20 | 12/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Skinny: Schwarzenegger Status Report
Am very concerned about this this this piece in this -- and while that came Maria Shriver it's being reported by DMZ. May take Arnold Schwarzenegger back despite his affair America this is this fair he's hired a child went there house keep. Her our collective sigh a lot of and then -- housekeeper I can't tell you Maria Shriver I lover I I admire her she's a Smart woman she's done so much in the world of journalism and otherwise is a great mom. He's Oprah's best friend. I bitch up is telling Maria. -- -- -- -- -- -- The terminator back at -- terminated he apparently spent some time and Christmas together they've been having some some some exchanges back -- -- -- -- -- Yeah the support group cremated and Eisner really gets me at all I want you no longer drives don't take him back. This is a tough -- for you really. Obviously it's just Obama uses America and you are that much for you what you guys think of marriages and those that almost happened between Hugh Hefner and crystal Harris right -- she got cold feet at the very last minute mark -- -- out well marker it also I don't live there live with to have the -- and -- all about -- its weight back that was the general work in some world's fifth. Anyway apparently he says you know what that's fine you can have the ring you can have the Bentley I gave you but I want the dog. Apparently they -- a puppy together a king Charles cavalier and he says. Keep everything else -- -- you but I need to -- and that dogs got a statement Claiborn meant I. I don't I think she gets the -- I would have to think she'll get that thirty point 39 carat engagement ring which sold for 47500. Dollars Christie's yeah. Around him. Gift giving the dog and crafts arts and the dog and the gentleman like dogs -- all of them that this next story is about the most charitable celebrities. Get this Lady Gaga number one she has this charity -- -- which I think is a wonderful wonderful. Issue. Justin Bieber. Building schools and George Clooney number three still doing his work for the past six years in Sudan. And wonderful and it's. -- because you know it's very easy for celebrities to write -- check some of these guys actually go up there and do things -- you always see Clooney. Always out there advocating in telling people stories of the plants that he's advocating -- I -- -- -- -- -- -- could see them get recognized there it is -- donations. Cynical there was what I -- -- favors them he says. But I've got 500000 dollars on the South Carolina GOP. For their presidential primary and he wants the naming rights -- he wants it to be called the cold air super PAC south Carolina Republican primary. He says you've got -- short on cash I got a half a million I'll give it to you let me name -- they said. OK but now not so much anymore. He's -- terror remains and you get he -- -- -- -- no joke in the bottom of the Jackson seriously missing that's accurate he loves the South Carolina. You don't -- let them. Percent and anyway I I want -- -- and can I do we have three. So taken and new here need -- -- you're -- you smarter and apparently she has friends. Could be used Scotto -- -- never know.

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{"id":15238408,"title":"Skinny: Schwarzenegger Status Report","duration":"3:20","description":"Could Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger be getting back together?","url":"/WNN/video/skinny-schwarzenegger-status-report-15238408","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}