Sleep for Success

Dr. Rebecca Robbins, co-Author of "Sleep for Success!" reveals helpful tips for combatting insomnia and sleep deprivation.
5:57 | 04/25/16

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For many of us getting the recommended eight hours of sleep a night is something we can only dream of and it's no secret that chronic sleep deprivation can be detrimental to your health so. What can you do to ensure you have a restful night we turn to the experts to find out. A good night's sleep something many of a struggle to get. In fact according to the CDC fifty to seventy million Americans suffer from chronic sleep and wake fullness disorders. Feel Parikh is the co-founder Kasper an online mattress company he and his team has spent countless hours creating products. And discovering methods to try to help people sleep through the night. Tip number one keep it cool. Try to keep your bedroom chill somewhere between sixty to 67 degrees we combine memory from which is super supportive but actually had to sleep on its own kind of hot. Which latex and latex is actually very bouncy in the super reliable. But it turning down the heat doesn't do the trick. I don't like your Smartphone or tablet could be to blame they emit a blue light that inhibits melatonin the hormone responsible for regulating the amount of sent out you'll get. That brings us to tip number two. Use an apps there's apps called flux for now apple hasn't been a feature on the iPhone whereby you can actually draw down the amount of flu like that you're seeing over the course of the day. And while it may be tempting Neil warns don't hit snooze. When the first alarm goes off you've now broken the cycle of sleep and so. You're not going to be able to get the restored or Rem sleep in those extra let's say fifteen minutes between cycles and hear alarm going off. But for many of us hitting the snooze button isn't the issue. It's simply falling asleep that are having trouble falling asleep and I. Try thinking and images instead of words turns out that it's really hard for our planes thick clear our thoughts when it comes to actually sentences and words. But converting medicines images makes it easier for them to pick away. So cement using tips there but is their medical evidence to back them up. Joining us now is doctor Rebecca Robbins from the NYU school of medicine she's the author of sleep for success everything you must know about sleep. But are too tired to add that throughout his first I love the title. Also I mean going through the peace now those tips that you heard it's almost like this story is about me specifically because I feel like one I break everything over bully just discussed. And all kind of those issues I think I things a lot of people have to deal with right so. Kind of walk us there is from the medical perspective things like cooling down the room for example is that really necessary is there an ideal temperatures. Those to sleep I definitely lots of good questions and Neil made some really great points there backed by science so when it comes to the bad trend first and foremost you wanna walk in and feel instantly relaxed. So you want to design your bad trend with neutral tones and and I say to really invest in the Basque quality mattress in the best pillows that you can afford because. We spender shifts back and a third of our lives sleeping so why not make get them the best no money can buy an in your Baigent the other good design features of a good bathroom are quiet. I was just hard pressed here in New York City by now is encourage people tacked on to download an opt maybe you'd like than noise machine four. Put in earplugs if you find that noise is disrupting that there's a lot of it is outside it if any earplugs are not your thing you can also try to counter it. The search and Vietnamese descent Yankee asked exactly out in the way it was machine or an air purifier actually does the same thing and then also has the out of benefit of purifying your veterans there so those are couple quick text had to find a good veteran and Aniston is Clinton it's just so tempting how do you avoid it if it really Eric kicked back her about a habit to bicker if you cannot and ports lease news fire. Ideally we wouldn't we wouldn't need that we would wake up when our body naturally hot enough sleep. But with the invention of the light fall over able to extend our sleep way into the wee hours of the morning so if we could all just focus a little bit more on what time we fall asleep at night. That would be the best possible scenario. I'm try to allowance or pick a bad time that will allow you to gad about seven to eight hours which is what most adults need when a credit check. Optimal health and alert now and then what about the device isn't and tricks to actually fall asleep especially. For people like us and our viewers who are working more for whatever reason in the middle of the night you know when questioned leaning on off hours. So unfortunately white iphones whites acted. Cell phones what tablet computers do and that some of us are guilty of using before bad. Is based service source of bright blue light so Neil mention an application just fantastical flocks after ARIAD LU acts. And if you just Google got it's a free application you can download that's your laptop and that will change that. It's the color temperature of the screen. Eyes we find in the restart so what you're looking at your iPhone embedded when I'm telling you it's daytime and you're supposed to be way it's telling you exactly admit your it's not time to fall asleep and then you also touched on people who work off hour so about eight million of Americans work on shift schedules. And these people are the worst off when it comes to sit difficulties they faced tons of issues in terms of ability to fall asleep and and get healthy sleep on it and it again because and in part because of the light and if you're starting shift it's 2 o'clock in the morning and he got home and it's in you know twelve of the afternoon and then you try to get your sleep on and so the tips for shift workers are ten try to find them the ball the block of a time to allow for dean mostly so ideally 78 hours and the design of your bedroom is she still got blackout curtain Latin got a JD black guys. You know all due out. And so that we'll keep fat light that's of course the finds out if you're trying to sleep and off our so try to make time for sleep get blackout curtains and I tried to caffeine at the beginning of your shift and not towards the end is that we'll disrupt your sleep tonight. Up to rabbit thank you so much very helpful tips for me and many others I'm sure. And we want to know what questions you have about sleep so tweet us or ask is on FaceBook at WNN fans dot com and after Robbins will be back in a few weeks answered. Your questions again doctor Robin thanks so much resentment of really really appreciate it. You're watching world news now.

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"Dr. Rebecca Robbins, co-Author of \"Sleep for Success!\" reveals helpful tips for combatting insomnia and sleep deprivation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38645293","title":"Sleep for Success ","url":"/WNN/video/sleep-success-38645293"}