Smarts Over Beauty?

New study: The sex that is more concerned with looks might surprise you.
3:00 | 09/10/12

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Transcript for Smarts Over Beauty?
Welcome back everybody to the mix here interesting new study out -- this -- in the Daily -- I -- this -- the interest -- a new research new research suggests that men. Increasingly value intellect and character in a partner over a shapely figure than they were not superficial as murky things sometimes that you value a woman's mind in addition to other things however get this -- an outstanding mortgages did -- -- -- and he looks and they didn't begin or how it has. And less preoccupied by the well because that would normally are able to defend themselves more financially -- that commitment is less -- -- you'll hear more about looks and we care more about your mind -- -- -- -- -- of 121000 people more than thirty countries so pretty comprehensive becoming a -- she -- talking. -- Our prayers. Six errors -- using -- would have created a big stage video and in every everything's -- then it ended. Montclair into the I don't know the details keep he's getting playing time. This is a -- -- -- this Michigan car dealership promises employees at thousands hundreds. -- and an important step toward -- 28 years. He hit 28000 dollars the man's name is Howard Cooper he found Howard Cooper imports are in an average is on the -- 89 employees he's compensating he still dealership back in April but good friendly -- -- complacent. Here's 26 years -- -- -- how much to give out in total -- granddaughter every -- there's no collective amount by the end 89 employees. Good for him most get a better grab some days was good to have a -- some bosses are great out there constantly so good ramp also a story volume who have been -- we're live in. Las Vegas you've no doubt experience this thing. On the street -- did you chicken little cards for the escorts out there in Vegas and basement realizing that actually. Really had -- an Austrian airlines game recently. Two years ago how can you that you had you seen and -- I -- and put these little cards for the escorts and dancers or whatever else. But now the cities like look it's creating huge a little problems and now. They're taught the drug at this new law through pervasive -- guys are shaking those cards handed an Al. Have to pick up litter -- 125 foot radius on the sidewalk. However it could run afoul the First Amendment of the sale of the public sidewalk that's -- about public thoroughfare here they try to -- this back in 97 and basically -- -- and have taken to court for the trying to get those guys have a clean up their phone. -- from the lovely ladies there are shaken around there on the. These strip all right finally if any he would get Botox -- a new pill that coupled with Botox well allegedly. Keep the FX 30% longer it's -- -- They contain zinc get an enzyme called fighting is which helps the vitamin to be absorbed sixty Oscar pack contenders. Oddly fascinating news and serves about president I think it's one of --

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{"id":17199698,"title":"Smarts Over Beauty?","duration":"3:00","description":"New study: The sex that is more concerned with looks might surprise you.","url":"/WNN/video/smarts-over-beauty-study-17199698","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}