Snakes: Beware of Your Toilet

Staten Island man finds a four foot snake in his toilet.
1:09 | 03/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Snakes: Beware of Your Toilet
Yeah. This world news now delivers your morning -- A -- lesson to all of you that you should always look in the toilet before you sit down or at least make sure that the lights are on in the bathroom. -- latest example comes from Staten Island and a guy wasn't going into the bathroom about 6:30 in the morning went to sit down. Look in the toilet there's a four. -- -- -- -- -- -- now how are ready to strike. He struck at the -- -- -- -- he responded system Clorox DreamWorks. Not sure why. Called Joe The Plumber Sunday when he came that that snake you can have retreated so only twelve inches were shown he's -- -- scared of the little snake like this. Wound up -- realizing it was a four feet long and it's now in a cooler. He -- a mad man so. You know they have a reputation for being environmentally. Environmentally minded do -- enough arguments thanks for talking about young people I have -- but an academic analysis actually spending more than forty years has found that today's -- Americans are actually -- none have been right where cycling are actually less likely to care about the environment. 120 year old actually said. That. They they're fairly narcissistic. And that they're fairly well -- got that -- so. Come with different morning wars well -- -- their homes. That's the world. Hope. Around the World Cup history the skinny is our gossip she. That's the world news -- I have a brand new iPad and it's got some killer apps. It's lighter events leading box and it has an anti stress -- time like he is little boy with my -- unemployed. That's the world news -- The world news. Look. -- -- -- -- -- -- This I've had -- It myself lot of cats you people are all -- money it would come with flash. Not angry I'm not mad he -- It's just the bad -- -- world news pulp. Something has said we five -- -- -- -- -- Thank you snobs the economy still shaky while apple they've got a job okay. They have some fun be up well Andrea angered and down through the world news polka. Game. You're gonna have you get a -- when he got a hell you -- according.

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{"id":15934325,"title":"Snakes: Beware of Your Toilet","duration":"1:09","description":"Staten Island man finds a four foot snake in his toilet.","url":"/WNN/video/snakes-beware-toilet-15934325","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}