'SNL' Actor Won't Play Female Roles

Kenan Thompson says he won?t play African-American women roles because of lack of diversity in cast.
3:39 | 10/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'SNL' Actor Won't Play Female Roles
-- -- -- -- -- A little bit of tit for -- an -- -- world Saturday Night Live comedian Kenan -- 35 years old is saying that he. Is essentially putting his foot down he is absolutely not going to play any more black female characters. And the reason that you may be asking is because it especially is tired -- they're not being any diversity on his shout. -- -- about it and I have to admit I never really thought about this there aren't any talented which there are dozens out there. Not talented black female. I mean he's already met. That -- yeah when you break it down -- gets to that there just aren't any now he says -- his -- and start. -- -- -- announced its new accounts members which include no black women by the way Thompson didn't speak up. It was -- Wednesday he said the patent. About Thompson's at the problem is there aren't any black comedians out there who -- ready when you get to the casting but. -- can you break pre K to do -- television everything and talented people have been so. So really what's really interesting is that they decided that Kerry Washington. And scandal is going to host the next SNL and if all goes back to same -- a black woman also very talented. Turns out that S and -- -- also lacking diversity. In the last ninety episodes. Sixteenth in 35 there have been two black women hosts and two -- has yet. But -- diversity plan won't take get a little guys might be on CE TA. She's very little smack down our contemporaries courtesy of the daily news. Apparently she wants to release say. Paul released she wants to take on Lady Gaga Katy Perry Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus -- all had very high fall releases. And she wants to come out -- -- released just days after those who she did not -- nobody -- know who. -- is. Patterson way to early December that signaled single to come out after the -- released. There albums and -- singles. She had planned to put out of big song and early 2013 which kept pushing back when she realized. -- never any real competition on the charts and so she wants competition insiders say that the -- and video land on December 3. And we'll see if she. -- the other big ones. Off the -- I don't think she. Ugly couch yeah one pinky and most of his girlfriend their -- -- that. Typically it. Instead apparently wants to host a religious TV show when he gets out of jail -- -- he's pretty confident but it's gonna happen quite soon he's been behind bars for five years. Time he has become Harry closed got there he added the name of the show be wholly safari. He apparently spends his time in jail reading multiple versions of the Bible in the -- giving advice and converting fellow inmate. Some are so that he was able to convert his fellow -- his cellmate who was a white supremacist to christianity. That sounds like it just might work I'm not -- and it sounds about right OJ a -- -- -- He's a preacher I I could see happening. Lion King. About to become broadway's first one billion dollar show black that almost sixteen years -- the -- that it debuted. -- has 997. Million dollars in revenue on the great white way and it should hit that one billion dollar mark very soon. Will be the fifth and longest running -- tough.

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{"id":20594954,"title":"'SNL' Actor Won't Play Female Roles","duration":"3:39","description":"Kenan Thompson says he won?t play African-American women roles because of lack of diversity in cast.","url":"/WNN/video/snl-actor-play-female-roles-20594954","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}